arbitrary precision programmable calculator 





appc is a dlg KornShell script with embedded awk scripts which provides a graphical front end for the bc calculator. See bc for complete instructions on using its programming language.

When you run appc, a dialog box appears. There are four methods which allow you to build input for bc:

Double clicking on a previous result appends the number to the input line. Alternatively, scroll to a previous result then press the MR button.

Press the CE/C button once to clear the input line. Double click the CE/C button to clear the output list.

Custom Functions

Press the Program button to display a dialog box. If no custom functions exist, a sample function is displayed. If custom functions exist, the function last used is displayed.

The Help button displays the bc reference page. The bc Functions section explains how to write custom functions. Note that the function definition line and the optional comment preceding it must begin in the first column.

Use the Prev/Next buttons to view other custom functions. Press Save to append a function to $ROOTDIR/etc/lib.b. The Delete button immediately removes the displayed function from lib.b. Custom function buttons are automatically labeled at run time and after saving or deleting a function. Custom function names are forced to lowercase.


Possible exit status values are:


Successful completion.


An error occurred.


appc is provided as a KornShell executable script with bound resources. MKS cannot be responsible for functionality of this code if you alter the appc.ksh file in any way.


Windows 8.1. Windows Server 2012 R2. Windows 10. Windows Server 2016. Windows Server 2019. Windows 11. Windows Server 2022.


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awk, bc, dlg

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