compare two files 



cmp [-blsx] file1 file2 [seek1[seek2]]


cmp compares two files. If either file name is -, cmp reads the standard input for that file. By default, cmp begins the comparison with the first byte of each file. If you specify seek1 and/or seek2, cmp uses it as a byte offset into file1 or file2 (respectively), and comparison begins at that offset instead of at the beginning of the files. The comparison continues (one byte at a time) until a difference is found, at which point the comparison ends and cmp displays the byte and line number where the difference occurred. cmp numbers bytes and lines beginning with 1.



compares single blocks at a time. Normally, cmp reads large buffers of data into memory for comparison.


causes the comparison and display to continue to the end. cmp displays the byte number (in decimal) and the differing bytes (in octal) for each difference found. cmp attempts no resynchronization.


suppresses output and returns a non-zero status if the files differ.


displays the differing bytes shown by the -l option in hex.


To determine if prog.exe and are instances of the same program (generated, for example, by exe2bin)

cmp prog.exe 512


Possible exit status values are:


The files were identical.


The files were not identical.


Failure due to invalid command line argument or option.


Failure because of an error opening or reading an input file.


EOF on filename 

cmp reached end-of-file on the specified file before reaching end-of-file on the other file.


POSIX.2. x/OPEN Portability Guide 4.0. All UNIX systems. Windows 8.1. Windows Server 2012 R2. Windows 10. Windows Server 2016. Windows Server 2019. Windows 11. Windows Server 2022. The -b and -x options and the seek pointers are extensions to the POSIX standard.


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