compare binary files and show differences 



diffb [-n] [-C n] [-c[n]] file1 file2


The diffb utility indicates which bytes differ in the binary files file1 and file2. Output consists of descriptions of the changes in a style reminiscent of the ed text editor. Each description is headed by a line showing the type of change being performed. This line contains three pieces of information:

After the line giving the type of change, the deleted or added bytes are displayed. Non-printable bytes are represented by an escape sequence consisting of a backslash character (\), followed by the ASCII representation of the byte displayed as a three-digit octal number.

The output of diffb resembles the output of diff, except that differences are ranges of bytes rather than ranges of lines. Each displayed set of bytes from file1 is prefixed by <, and a < appears at the start of each new line in a set of bytes (that is, after each newline character). Similarly, each group of bytes from file2 is prefixed by >, and a > appears at the start of each new line in a set of bytes. If bytes from both file1 and file2 are being displayed, a line consisting of --- separates the two sets of bytes.


-C n 

is equivalent to -c n.


displays n bytes of context before and after each difference. The default value for n is 3.


displays the differences in a form usable by PTC Integrity.


Possible exit status values are:


The files were identical.


The files were compared successfully and found to be different.


Failure due to any of the following:

— the inability to open an input file
— a syntax error on the command line
— the wrong number of arguments on the command line


The set of differences produced by diffb is correct but may not be minimal.


Windows 7. Windows Server 2008 R2. Windows 8. Windows Server 2012. Windows 10. Windows Server 2016.


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