generate formatted message catalog 



gencat [-new] [-or] [-lang C|C++|ANSIC] catfile msgfile [-h hfile]...


gencat merges the message text source files (msgfile...) into a formatted message catalog catfile. catfile is created if it does not already exist. If catfile does exist, its messages are included in the new catfile. If set and message numbers collide, the new message-text defined in msgfile replaces the old message text currently contained in catfile.



creates a new message catalog.

-h hfile  

outputs message identifiers to the specified header files. This creates a header file with all of the appropriate #defines in it. Without this, you must ensure that your code is in sync with the catalog file. The header file is created from all of the previous msgfiles on the command line, so the order of the command line is important. This means that if you just put it at the end of the command line, all the defines go in one file:

gencat foo.m bar.m zap.m -h all.h

If you prefer to keep your dependencies down you can specify one after each message file, and each header file receives only the identifiers from the previous message file:

gencat foo.m -h foo.h bar.m -h bar.h zap.m -h zap.h

As an added bonus, if you run the following sequence:

gencat foo.m -h foo.h, gencat foo.m -h foo.h

The file foo.h is not modified the second time. gencat checks to see if the contents have changed before modifying things. This means that you do not get spurious rebuilds of your source every time you change a message.


governs the form of any generated header files. C, C++, and ANSIC are supported. The latter two are identical in output. This argument is position dependent; you can switch the language back and forth in between header files


causes the set ID and the message ID to be OR-ed into a single message number.


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