report NuTCRACKER Platform process information 



process [-a4vfgjLlsSt] [-p pid] [-w timeout]


process reports how many NuTCRACKER Platform processes are running and displays information on active NuTCRACKER Platform processes. Without options, information is printed in short form. The options described in the Options section control the information that is printed.



uses all print options. (This is a shorthand notation for -v4fgLlsSt)


displays information about POSIX.4 objects.


displays information about open files.


displays information about signals.


displays the state of all file locks.


displays information about fast local transport.

-p pid  

displays information about the specified process ID.


displays information about sockets.


displays information about security.

also displays concurrent users holding licenses.


displays information about threads.


displays information in verbose form.

-w timeout  

specifies time out for a process to respond, in milliseconds.


output in machine readable JSON format for easier scripting.

For example, it is possible to render the output as a web page remotely using JSON 2 HTML ( and this simple php script:

echo shell_exec("c:/win32app/nutc4/bin/process.exe -aj");

POSIX.4 objects persist as long at the NuTCRACKER Platform service is running. On UNIX it is not well defined how to enumerate these objects and so there ar eno standard tools to find and delete them. A simple sctip such as this can be used to enumerate all semaphones:

use JSON;
use Data::Dumper;

my $json_text = `process -aj`;
my $json = JSON->new->allow_nonref;

my $perl_scalar = $json->decode( $json_text );

my $pretty_printed = $json->pretty->encode( $perl_scalar ); # pretty-printing

# print $pretty_printed;
print Dumper($perl_scalar);
my @semaphores = $perl_scalar->{'Global Information'}->{'POSIX.4 Semaphores'};
foreach my $semaphore (@semaphores)
	print $semaphore->{'Name'};


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