Retrieves important information from a network entity. 



snmpstatus [COMMON_OPTION] [-Cf] [AGENT]


snmpstatus is an SNMP application that retrieves a fixed set of management information from a network entity.

The information returned is:

The IP address of the entity.
A textual description of the entity (sysDescr.0)
The uptime of the entity's SNMP agent (sysUpTime.0)
The sum of received packets on all interfaces (ifInUCastPkts.* + ifInNUCastPkts.*)
The sum of transmitted packets on all interfaces (ifOutUCastPkts.* + ifOutNUCastPkts.*)
The number of IP input packets (ipInReceives.0)
The number of IP output packets (ipOutRequests.0)

For example:

$ snmpstatus -v 1 -c public

will produce output similar to the following:

[]=>[Kinetics FastPath2] Up: 1 day, 4:43:31
Interfaces: 1,  Recv/Trans packets: 262874/39867 | IP: 31603/15805

snmpstatus also checks the operational status of all interfaces (ifOperStatus.*), and if it finds any that are not running, it will report in a manner similar to this:

2 interfaces are down!

If the network entity has an error processing the request packet, an error packet will be returned and a message will be shown, helping to pinpoint in what way the request was malformed. snmpstatus will attempt to reform its request to eliminate the malformed variable (unless the -Cf option is given, see below), but this variable will then be missing from the displayed data.


snmpstatus takes the common options described in the snmpcmd reference page and also the -Cf option described in the snmpget reference page.


All UNIX systems. Windows 8.1. Windows Server 2012 R2. Windows 10. Windows Server 2016. Windows Server 2019. Windows 11. Windows Server 2022.


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