allow all exceptions in next script evaluation 

Tcl Library Procedures


#include <tcl.h>



Tcl_Interp *interp (in) 

Interpreter in which script will be evaluated.


If a script is evaluated at top-level (that is, no other scripts are pending evaluation when the script is invoked), and if the script terminates with a completion code other than TCL_OK, TCL_CONTINUE or TCL_RETURN, then Tcl normally converts this into a TCL_ERROR return with an appropriate message.

However, if Tcl_AllowExceptions() is invoked immediately before calling a procedure such as Tcl_Eval(), then arbitrary completion codes are permitted from the script, and they are returned without modification. This is useful in cases where the caller can deal with exceptions such as TCL_BREAK or TCL_CONTINUE in a meaningful way.


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