login accounting file format 

File Format


Login accounting information is stored in two files. ROOTDIR/etc/utmp holds the current state of each item being accounted, for while ROOTDIR/etc/wtmp maintains the history of changes to each accounting item. Both files are just arrays of the following binary records described in the form of a C data structure:

#include <sys/types.h>

struct  utmp {
        char    ut_user[8];   /* Login user name */
        char    ut_id[4];     /* ID from ROOTDIR/etc/inittab */
        char    ut_line[12];  /* Login terminal name */
        ulong   ut_pid;       /* Process id */
        short   ut_type;      /* Entry type (see below) */
        struct  exit_status {
		/* Process termination+exit status*/
                short	e_termination;
                short	e_exit;
        } ut_exit;            /* Used with DEAD_PROCESS */
        time_t   ut_time;     /* Entry created */

#define EMPTY         0   /* Unused */
#define RUN_LVL       1   /* Set new run level */
#define BOOT_TIME     2   /* System boot */
#define OLD_TIME      3   /* Time of date change - delta */
#define NEW_TIME      4   /* Time of date change + delta */
#define INIT_PROCESS  5   /* Process started by ROOTDIR/etc/init */
#define LOGIN_PROCESS 6   /* Login process */
#define USER_PROCESS  7   /* User process */
#define DEAD_PROCESS  8   /* Contains exit status */
#define ACCOUNTING    9   /* Other accounting */



reflects the current state of the accounting entries, for example, who is logged in, when the date was last set, and so on.


contains a history of changes to any of the accounting entries.


Both ROOTDIR/etc/utmp and ROOTDIR/etc/wtmp are located using the ROOTDIR variable (if it has been set).

utmp is not provided as part of PTC MKS Toolkit on 2012/8.1/2012R2/10/2016/2019, although the system may create a ROOTDIR/etc/utmp file if you use the date command to set the date. Deleting this file on 2012/8.1/2012R2/10/2016/2019 does not affect the operation of PTC MKS Toolkit utilities.


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