MKS Toolkit Release Notes
Version 7.0.1

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October 2000

MKS Toolkit 7.0.1
Introducing Toolkit 7.0
Hardware and Software Requirements
Installing Your MKS Toolkit Product
Uninstalling Your MKS Toolkit Product
New Features in Toolkit 7.0
Customer Support
Additional MKS Toolkit Resources
Problems Fixed in MKS Toolkit Release 7.0.1
Problems Fixed in MKS Toolkit 7.0 Patch 1
Problems Fixed in MKS Toolkit Release 7.0

MKS Toolkit 7.0.1
MKS Toolkit 7.0.1 is an updated version of MKS Toolkit 7.0 with the following improvements:

Introducing MKS Toolkit 7.0
MKS Toolkit 7.0 is the result of merging our MKS Toolkit 6.x and MKS NuTCRACKER Professional 4.x products, along with the addition of several new features. In addition, the award-winning MKS Toolkit general-purpose product has become five different products, each designed to serve the needs of a different user community.

The MKS Toolkit products are as follows, in order of fewest features to most features. With minor exceptions, each subsequent product contains all the features of its predecessor.

For convenience, the following abbreviations are used in these release notes:

TKSA -- MKS Toolkit for System Administrators
TKDev -- MKS Toolkit for Developers
TKIO -- MKS Toolkit for Interoperability
TKPDev -- MKS Toolkit for Professional Developers
TKEDev -- MKS Toolkit for Enterprise Developers

The following table summarizes the features available in each of the MKS Toolkit products.

Shells and scripting utilities Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
NuTCRACKER Workstation Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
System administration utilities Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Tape utilities Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Client-side remote utilities Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Software development utilities   Yes Yes Yes Yes
Web development utilities   Yes Yes Yes Yes
Server-side remote services Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
X server     Yes   Yes
Telnet client and server     Yes   Yes
Advanced development utilities       Yes Yes
Non-graphical UNIX APIs       Yes Yes
X, Motif, OpenGL         Yes
Wintif         Yes

For more information about the specific contents and features of each product, refer to the MKS Toolkit Product Overview and Solutions Guide, included with your MKS Toolkit product in both hardcopy and on-line versions.

Hardware and Software Requirements
MKS Toolkit products run only on Windows on Intel 32-bit processors.

All MKS Toolkit products will install on Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows NT 4.0 (Workstation, Server, or Terminal Server) with Service Pack 4+, and Windows 2000 (Professional, Server, or Advanced Server). Applications migrated with either MKS Toolkit for Professional Developers or for Enterprise Developers will run on any of these platforms.

There are limitations for Windows 95 and Windows 98. Many MKS Toolkit utilities are Windows NT- or Windows 2000-specific. These are clearly documented on the reference pages. Additionally, the SLNet Telnet Server (provided in MKS Toolkit for Interoperability and MKS Toolkit for Enterprise Developers) only runs on Windows NT/2000. In addition, because of the lack of certain OS features on Windows 95 and Windows 98, certain of the MKS Toolkit UNIX APIs run in degraded mode (or return without doing anything) on those platforms. These are discussed in the MKS Toolkit Cross-Platform Developer's Guide and in great detail in the documentation for each API.

The development products work with Microsoft Visual C++ versions 5.0 and 6.0. Both MKS Toolkit for Professional Developers and for Enterprise Developers support both versions of the Standard Template Library. In addition, they both support the Absoft Pro Fortran f90/f77 compiler, versions 5.0 and 6.0 (

The typical disk space requirements are:

Product Typical Size
MKS Toolkit for System Administrators 67M
MKS Toolkit for Developers 73M
MKS Toolkit for Interoperability 100M
MKS Toolkit for Professional Developers 115M
MKS Toolkit for Enterprise Developers 210M

MKS Toolkit products do not have any particular hardware requirements. Any machine that is sufficient to run the underlying operating system is sufficient to run any MKS Toolkit product.

Installing Your MKS Toolkit Product
Note: To install either MKS Toolkit for Professional Developers or for Enterprise Developers, you must have Microsoft Visual C/C++ (version 5.0 or later) already installed on your system.

Note: Installing either MKS Toolkit for Professional Developers or for Enterprise Developers on Windows NT or Windows 2000 requires an account with local or domain administrator privileges. You do not need to be an Administrator, but your login ID must be a member of the local or domain Windows Administrators group before you can install.

Note: We recommend that you uninstall any previous version of MKS Toolkit before installing MKS Toolkit 7.0. If you have a previous version of MKS NuTCRACKER Professional, we recommend that you either uninstall it, or install MKS Toolkit for Enterprise Developers on another machine.

All MKS Toolkit products have an integrated installer. To install your product:

Uninstalling Your MKS Toolkit Product
To uninstall MKS Toolkit:

  1. From the control panel, run Add/Remove Programs.
  2. Remove, in order, each of the following (if present):

    MKS Evaluation Guide
    MKS Toolkit 7.x
    MKS Platform Components 7.x

You must reboot your system before reinstalling MKS Toolkit.

New Features in MKS Toolkit 7.0
The primary new features in MKS Toolkit 7.0 are:

The following items require additional clarification:

>filever nutsys4.dll
nutsys4.dll: NuTCRCACKER system call library, version 4.30.0000

Additionally, because NuTCRACKER Workstation is now part of the MKS Toolkit, the NuTCRACKER control panel applet is now installed with all members of the MKS Toolkit product family. Selecting File Versions in the Category combo box lists the file versions of programs included in the NuTCRACKER Platform. If you have installed MKS Toolkit for System Administrators, MKS Toolkit for Developers, or MKS Toolkit for Interoperability, the displayed list includes entries for the two files, apppkgwz.exe and nutins.dll, marked with red exclamation points to indicate that version information for these files could not be found. These two files are not installed by the listed members of the MKS Toolkit product family, and this error report can be safely ignored.

Customer Support
To receive support for your MKS Toolkit product, you must buy a Preferred Customer Support (PCS) contract. Many products come bundled with PCS. For others, PCS is optional. PCS is renewable annually for a small fee and entitles you to unlimited customer support, patches, bug fixes, and all product upgrades for the duration of the contract. In any given 12-month period, MKS typically releases one minor upgrade (maintenance), one major upgrade (new features), and several patches, none of which you will want to miss.

In addition, customers with PCS may elect to receive periodic mailings from our customer support organization. These mailings--geared at end users--outline new features, give tips for using features, discuss how to solve common problems, and provide other frequently requested information. Moreover, as MKS moves more of its internal support information onto the support web site, only those customers with PCS will be able to access this controlled information, that will include instant status about reported issues, a searchable database of frequently asked questions, and much more detailed self-help information.

If you are a new customer or you have never activated your PCS account, you must register with our customer support organization. Registration--mandatory before you can receive support--is simple. The easiest way to register is by filling out the registration form during product installation, or you may do so at any time over the web at And please be assured that this information is used for no other purpose than to provide support to you. Your personal information will not be given to anyone else.

Without PCS, you will not be entitled to any support, patches, bug fixes, upgrades, mailings, or self-help information. If you do not have PCS, all of our sales channels offer MKS Toolkit products with bundled PCS for your convenience. If you already have product, but need PCS, you may purchase a PCS contract by contacting MKS directly at 800-637-8034 or +1-703-803-3343.

With PCS, you can request customer support by contacting us using one of the means listed below and in your request, include the name and version number of the product that you are using, your serial number, and the operating system and version/patch level that you are using. Contact MKS customer support at:

  • Web:
    Telephone: +1-703-803-7660 (9:00am to 7:00pm Eastern, Mon-Fri)
    Fax: +1-703-803-3344
  • Additional MKS Toolkit Resources
    There are several other sources for additional information about our MKS Toolkit products.

    We have general product information, including technical specifications, detailed utility listings, and datasheets at:

  • MKS Toolkit Product Information:
  • We offer a resource kit including example scripts, additional utilities, more tutorials, and a wide variety of other useful information at:

  • MKS Toolkit Resource Kit Page:
  • Through the years, we have accumulated a lot of technical details about the MKS Toolkit products and have put this information in a searchable database at:

  • MKS Toolkit Knowledge Base:
  • Our customers commonly ask certain questions. These questions and their answers are in our Frequently Asked Questions pages at:

  • MKS Toolkit FAQs:
  • Problems Fixed in MKS Toolkit 7.0.1 Release
    The following table documents issues that were fixed in the MKS Toolkit 7.0.1 release.

    Problem Applies To Description
    CFS 16442 All Only one TK demo allowed per system
    CFS 16449 All Installer needs to add SDK registry keys
    CFS 16464 All Workstation always installed, even in custom installs that tried to omit it
    CFS 16471 All Installation directory cannot be root
    CFS 16473 All `ncoeenv' is added to registry, even if workstation not installed
    CFS 16483 All see 16503
    CFS 16492 All see 16473
    CFS 16503 All upgrade from SX serial number failed
    CFS 16553 All Receiving message "Failed to obtain information about MKS Toolkit Utilities"
    CFS 16577 All Demo does not include rshd
    CFS 16583 All Receiving message "String variable is not large enough for string"
    CFS 16596 All Installer thinks that uninstaller is in use
    CFS 16601 All Problem installing TKEDev
    CFS 16625 All see 16473
    CFS 16646 All Can't install MKS 7.0
    CFS 16653 All Default file error
    CFS 16679 All Toolkit 7.0 files put in directory of existing installation
    CFS 16692 All see 16583
    CFS 16763 All see 16577
    CFS 16768 All see 16583
    CFS 16769 All custom reinstall of TKEDev clobbers existing start menu
    CFS 16772 All Problem moving TKDev to a different directory

    Problems Fixed in MKS Toolkit 7.0 Patch 1
    The following table documents issues that were fixed in the MKS Toolkit 7.0 Patch 1 release.

    Problem Applies To Description
    SR 11522 TKDev, TKIO,
    TKPDev, TKEDev
    Problem with compiler.ccg (from msc32.ccg) not detecting -link option
    SR 15316 All KornShell about box can be misleading
    SR 16393 All "end" in C Shell for loop not recognized if it ends after 1024 chars
    SR 16713 All MKS C Shell behavior differs from UNIX in terms of variable substitution within a foreach loop
    SR 17403 All in C Shell, variables are not available inside `` (command substitution)
    SR 17630 All quoted command substitutions in C Shell fail
    SR 17635 All C Shell $< substitution does not work in verbose mode
    SR 17664 All large foreach loops in C Shell execute only once
    SR 17712 All C Shell crashes if PATH is set to ""
    SR 18139 All quoted args in KornShell are not passed to registry associations correctly
    SR 18277 All awk adds extra "^M" characters after encountering a "^Z"
    SR 18326 TKSA, TKDev, TKIO,
    TKPDev, TKEDev
    "delete" key does not work with autorun
    SR 18327 TKSA, TKDev, TKIO,
    TKPDev, TKEDev
    autorun puts garbage, empty command in registry
    SR 18415 All KornShell downcasts the path of the executable hardcoded in the script
    SR 18417 All from cmd.exe 'echo a\"b\" c' has wrong output
    SR 18469 TKSA, TKDev, TKIO,
    TKPDev, TKEDev
    NT symlinks and tar
    SR 18493 All csh "cd e:/dir ; cd c:/ ; cd e:. ; pwd" displays e:/ not e:/dir
    SR 18511 All C Shell has temp file problem when run from C:/
    SR 18516 TKSA, TKDev, TKIO,
    TKPDev, TKEDev
    rcp -r fails sometimes
    SR 18592 All C Shell re-evaluates the value of $$ in ` `
    SR 18601 All path length is limited in ugrep "Starting From" field
    SR 18617 All memory leak during command substitutions
    SR 18627 TKSA, TKDev, TKIO,
    TKPDev, TKEDev
    rsh exit status is always "1"
    SR 18632 All C Shell sometimes adds extra, unnecessary backslashes to echoed lines
    SR 18639 TKSA, TKDev, TKIO,
    TKPDev, TKEDev
    rexec always sets exit code to "1"
    SR 18642 All command substitution in cshrc.csh causes infinite loop at startup
    CFS 14766 TKPDev, TKEDev App Packaging Wizard browse for stage directory
    CFS 15421 TKPDev, TKEDev select() does not work well in multi-threaded environments.
    CFS 15927 TKPDev, TKEDev shared memory problem.
    CFS 16172 TKPDev, TKEDev Multiple Socket/Pipe Errors in NT eventlog, busy loop in...
    CFS 16176 TKPDev, TKEDev putenv("PATH",...) does not update PATH correctly.
    CFS 16199 TKPDev, TKEDev getsid() is not working correctly.
    CFS 16214 TKPDev, TKEDev Processes sometimes hang on exit.
    CFS 16217 TKPDev, TKEDev shmat fails in some instances.
    CFS 16243 TKPDev, TKEDev Navigation problem in the Deployment Wizard
    CFS 16253 TKPDev, TKEDev Deployment wizard unable to create nested directories
    CFS 16355 TKPDev, TKEDev NuTCleanup Error.
    CFS 16380 TKPDev, TKEDev Version number was not bumped for 7.0 release.
    CFS 16389 TKPDev, TKEDev read() sets errno incorrectly to EAGAIN.
    CFS 16391 TKPDev, TKEDev Bug in _NutForkExec family involving itimers.
    CFS 16416 TKPDev, TKEDev TKUTILS Key not installed
    CFS 16419 TKPDev, TKEDev NUT_VALIDATE_HEAPS should bring up debug dialog
    CFS 16552 TKPDev, TKEDev Release of select() semaphore for file type 6 failed with error 298.
    CFS 16553 TKPDev, TKEDev Getting "Failed to obtain information about, MKS Toolkit Utilities".
    CFS 16567 TKPDev, TKEDev pthread_cond_timewait suspending thread.
    CFS 16619 TKPDev, TKEDev strerror() was incorrectly modifying the errno value.
    CFS 16825 TKPDev, TKEDev App Packaging Wizard not copying Toolkit chown.exe

    Problems Fixed in MKS Toolkit 7.0 Release
    The following table documents issues that were fixed in the MKS Toolkit 7.0 release.

    Problem Applies To Description
    CFS 4152 TKPDev, TKEDev application cannot redefine FD_SETSIZE
    CFS 5264 TKPDev, TKEDev What is max number of sockets you can open
    CFS 7509 TKPDev, TKEDev need to extend FD_SETSIZE from 256 to 512 in include\nutc\fd_set.h
    CFS 10276 TKPDev, TKEDev socket problems when the client process forks.
    CFS 10753 TKPDev, TKEDev like to know implications of increasing the FS_SETSIZE settings
    CFS 11968 TKPDev, TKEDev socket connection broken when the server process forks
    CFS 12551 TKPDev, TKEDev NuTCRACKER SDK - select function
    CFS 12812 TKPDev, TKEDev NUT_VALIDATE_HEAPS did not catch double free.
    CFS 12836 TKPDev, TKEDev Update security discussion in Cross-Platform Guide for Win2000 Active Directory
    CFS 12866 TKPDev, TKEDev Create real man pages for advanced programming commands and APIs.
    CFS 12911 TKPDev, TKEDev SO_LINGER difference in Winsock/berkeley
    CFS 12968 TKPDev, TKEDev read() on a socket returns -1
    CFS 12977 TKPDev, TKEDev SIGKILL does not shut down processes
    CFS 13222 TKPDev, TKEDev fork() fails on dual processor machines
    CFS 13277 TKPDev, TKEDev multibyte (Asian) input does not work well for console applications.
    CFS 13688 TKPDev, TKEDev socket linger option buggy!
    CFS 13839 TKPDev, TKEDev document that bison must be built before flex.
    CFS 13967 TKEDev XRT samples not from PDS 2.0
    CFS 13982 TKPDev, TKEDev Clarify documentation on deploying third-party options.
    CFS 14011 TKPDev, TKEDev nutinsProcessHasRights(), nutinsRegisterApp() misspelled in nutins header
    CFS 14435 TKPDev, TKEDev typo in bzero.h
    CFS 14534 TKPDev, TKEDev _NutWIN32getenv() alters environment variable contents
    CFS 14620 All kill command cannot send signal 0
    CFS 14626 TKPDev, TKEDev fixed fnmatch() to be case insensitive.
    CFS 14677 TKEDev X11 global variables in C++.
    CFS 15227 TKEDev MessageBox too small
    CFS 15452 TKEDev unresolved reference: XtInheritTranslations
    CFS 15461 TKPDev, TKEDev poll() error
    CFS 15462 All command line mangled by sh
    CFS 15474 TKPDev, TKEDev poll blows up
    CFS 15559 TKPDev, TKEDev FD_SETSIZE limited to 256
    CFS 15642 TKPDev, TKEDev File Selection dialog not properly resized
    CFS 15879 TKEDev Problem with bind() for AF_UNIX sockets
    CFS 15927 TKPDev, TKEDev shared memory problem
    CFS 15980 All Where is the type command?
    CFS 16111 TKPDev, TKEDev Cannot bind before connect using AF_UNIX sockets
    SR 10277 All vi and viw now use the current directory for temporary files when neither TMP nor TMPDIR are set.
    SR 12798 TKDev, TKIO, TKPDev, TKEDev web now has a -t option that allows you to specify how long to wait before timing out.
    SR 14145 All A segmentation violation no longer occurs when the disk that viw is using runs out of free space.
    SR 14904 All The sh -G option now shuts off all GUI features for the running shell.
    SR 15308 All sh, csh, vi: if a startup file with a Windows-style name (e.g., ~/profile.ksh) does not exist, now look for the equivalent UNIX-style name (for example, ~/.profile).
    SR 15429 All When working with multiple files, viw now correctly remembers the cursor position of previous files.
    SR 15781 All sh now properly handles #! when the script is found using an extension search. For example, assume you type prog and using an extension search, sh finds prog.ksh. If prog.ksh begins with #!csh, sh now properly invokes csh to run the script.
    SR 16473 All viw now has the :set guierror option to report errors to the status line rather than a dialog box.
    SR 16747 All vi: a pipe broken error no longer occurs when an ex command replaces the current file.
    SR 16778 All The csh built-in which no longer searches the current directory unless it is explicitly listed in the search path.
    SR 16798 All The Options->Text menu of viw now lets you set the color of the window and the text.
    SR 16800 All viw now stores settings in the registry. The viw.ini file is used only when registry settings are not found.
    SR 16912 All Window location settings are now saved when exiting viw.
    SR 16935 All In viw, problems with highlighting text have now been fixed.
    SR 16947 All viw now properly handles the dragging of shortcut files into its window.
    SR 16949 All viw no longer loses the file name of a file that contains lines longer than LINE_MAX.
    SR 16960 All viw: clicking on a line too long to display in the window no longer generates an internal error.
    SR 16975 All The name of the file being edited is now displayed first in the viw title bar.
    SR 16978 All viw: working in the ex command line box no longer delays menu processing.
    SR 17354 All The printf command now correctly returns MAXINT+1.
    SR 17624 All viw now properly handles directory names with spaces when you use it with file associations.
    SR 17637 All viw now properly handles file lists when more than one viw session is open.
    SR 17638 All viw now has a -n option that allows the loading and saving of profiles.
    SR 17807 All viw now has *.asc and *.ans file filters in the Open, Save, and Save As dialog boxes.
    SR 17914 All viw is no longer silent when a shell command fails.
    SR 18002 All The shell (sh) now correctly handles traps on pipe errors.