MKS AlertCentre
User Guide

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July 2005


Thank you for purchasing MKS AlertCentre™, a cost-effective, easy-to-use monitoring solution for ensuring the high availability of networks, applications, and Internet/Intranet-based information systems. Built on an integrated foundation for scheduling, alerting, and automating repairs, AlertCentre lets you define monitors that can observe, report on, and control the activities of other programs or devices on your network so that you can be sure that mission-critical applications are up and running at all times. AlertCentre gives you and your colleagues the ability to be notified in a timely fashion if anything on your network is malfunctioning.

AlertCentre Features

The majority of the following features will be discussed in detail in subsequent chapters.

Because AlertCentre is built on MKS Toolkit, you have the full resources of the powerful MKS Toolkit scripting languages including Perl, KornShell, TCL, awk, and C Shell to customize and evolve your monitoring. AlertCentre is also fully extensible via native Microsoft technologies such as the Windows Script Host.

About This Manual

This manual describes AlertCentre and its features, tells how to get started monitoring, and then goes into more detailed topics that you can refer to as you get more experience in using AlertCentre.

This manual contains the following chapters: