MKS Toolkit Release Notes
Version 8.0

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January 2002


MKS Toolkit 8.0
     New Solution
     Increased Compatibility
     New Utilities
     New APIs
     New Documentation
     Updated Utilities
Hardware and Software Requirements
Installing MKS Toolkit
     Additional Components on the MKS Toolkit CD
Uninstalling MKS Toolkit
     Uninstalling MKS Toolkit 8.0
     Uninstalling Previous Versions of MKS Toolkit
Known Issues
Getting Started with AlertCentre
Customer Support
Windows 95 Support
Additional MKS Toolkit Resources
Fixed Problems

MKS Toolkit 8.0

MKS Toolkit 8.0 is the most feature-rich release that we have ever made in our 15-plus year history, having spent the last year in development. We are proud to bring you dozens of new features and are equally proud that MKS Toolkit 8.0 marks the launch of AlertCentre, a brand-new add-on to MKS Toolkit. Whether you are new to MKS Toolkit or are one of our hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers, you will find something new and exciting in this release. The following sections provide an overview of the new features in various categories:

New Solution

Increased Compatibility

New Utilities