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MKS NuTCRACKER 4.0 Patch Problems Fixed

This patch incorporates all previous patches to date and addresses several issues that have been raised since NuTCRACKER 4.0 was released on 27 April 1998.

Problem Description
New APIs
  • setpriority(), getpriority(), and nice().
  • _NutQueryWinNetFileDir(). This function returns the path to the networking configuration files (e.g., hosts, networks) on the current system. This is a convenience function, since the location of these files is not fixed as it is on most UNIX platforms.
New Commands
  • The Motif WML compiler with the default database. Read file WmlReadMe.txt in $NUTCROOT/docs for more information.
Updated Manual Pages difftime(), execl(), execle(), execlp(), execlpe(), execv(), execve(), execvp(), execvpe(), fflush(), fork(), getpriority(), nice(), _NutQueryRootDir(), _NutQueryWinDir(), _NutQueryWinNetFileDir(), _NutQueryWinSysDir(), setpriority(), statfs(), swab(), time()
Patch 10
10164 Process receives an unexpected signal meant for exited process with same pid.
10166 server stops accepting socket connections.
10587 Catch exceptions in SmartHeap, and log appropriate error message.
10769 Bug involving signal delivery and printers.
10798 Freeing from the wrong heap.
10928 Hang in _XSend().
11172 shmat fails with EACCES for huge mem segments, under Purify.
Patch 9
2067 Non-canonical console IO not like UNIX (ioctl)
3547 VMIN and VTIME settings are not working properly.
9972 time() man page refers to EFAULT.
10111 prototypes for localtime_r and gmtime_r are missing.
10166 server stops accepting socket connections.
10446 _NutHandleToFd() does not work with pipe handles
10694 I/O problem: non-canonical read waiting for full buffer instead of VMIN chars.
10722 select says data available on the socket when there is no data.
Patch 8
10284 Console server displays spurious errors when process exits quickly.
10517 processes are not completing on exiting.
10493 Open on COM port fails in child.
10444 XtOpenDisplay() returns null if setpriority() called.
10157 Does NUT_PIPE_BUFFER_SIZE affect the size of pipe buffer used by write.
10091 Bogus console initialization failure when Dynamically loaded dll is freed.
10557 vfork() fails after creating 30 vfork/exec'ed children.
10572 select() didn't always work right on serial ports.
10601 wml compiler missing.
10608 data being routed to a FIFO sometimes ends up in the wrong FIFO
10628 vfork() fails after creating 30 vfork/exec'ed children.
10637 wait() does not work when there are more than 60 children.
Patch 7
9917 truss -p didn't always work.
10031 gcvt() is not working
10123 Fix a number of bugs in port of tcsh.
10333 Bison should be modified to include alloca.h.
10354 getpwnam() with long name returns NULL errno==22
10368 race condition when signalling a process group.
10403 Radical performance difference between NuTC 3 and NuTC 4.
10487 Problem with signals on a multiple processor machine.
10502 SmartHeap diagnostic problem.
10550 set_new_handler problem.
Patch 6
10232 forked child's stack was getting corrupted when inheriting FIFOs
Patch 5
9873 Start menu item for Korn shell on Windows 95 was not working
10187 Timed read() on a console descriptor returns garbage characters
10227 unhandled exception during process exit after using _NutDupProcessFd()
10339 _NutHandleToFd() fails on datagram socket
Patch 4
10167 Sem Undo limit was not controllable through the registry.
10185 Unusual long delay loading data files by application.
10206 gethostbyname() doesn't work from static constructor.
Patch 3
10039 Shared memory segments are not getting deleted
10040 Shared memory segments are not getting deleted
10088 waitpid() fails for Win32 process that exits with -1
Patch 2
9390 Processes deadlock during exit
9656 write() to broken pipe is not returning -1
9658 select() overwriting region outside the given fd_set parameter
9795 _NutDupProcessFd was not working correctly
10027 realloc(0) was returning NULL
Patch 1
1284 Implement nice()
1321 Implement nice()
1387 Implement nice()
1617 Implement nice()
4859 Implement nice()
5707 Implement nice()
7682 Block SIGCHLD in system(), don't ignore it.
8942 Implement nice()
8669 Implement setpriority()/getpriority()
9486 Implement setpriority()
9512 Recognize /dev/comN the same as /dev/com/N
9538 Leaking handles from processes using SYSV semaphores
9942 memccpy() returns the wrong pointer.

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