Windows Explorer Extension Provides Secure Shell (SSH) Commands and Utilities for Secure, Cross-Platform File Management

Imagine being able to drag and drop and otherwise manipulate files across UNIX, Linux and Windows machines all with the familiar Windows Explorer interface... Imagine browsing the properties and permissions of files on remote systems... Imagine being able to perform these tasks without the fear of password, file or data interception... Enter the PTC MKS Toolkit Explorer Extension which provides secure, cross-platform file management in a heterogeneous operating environment.

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Secure Your Investments

Today’s enterprise often has a computing environment that consists of many machines running a mix of Windows and UNIX/Linux operating systems. While these machines may be able to communicate with each other through network connections, it is not always easy to access all the applications and data that exist on this multitude of machines, especially when you need to access a machine running a UNIX/Linux operating system from one running Windows. Further, some of these machines may be outside the corporate firewall and therefore communications to or from those machines could be intercepted.

These types of environments need a secure solution that will provide encrypted communications and protect your sensitive files, data, and passwords.

Secure Shell - Yes! Even in a Windows Environment

SSH (Secure Shell) is a secure replacement for older TCP protocols such as rexec, rsh, rlogin, telnet, and ftp. SSH provides the functionality of these older protocols while adding the security of an SSL encryption layer and support for modern authentication mechanisms. You can also use an established SSH connection to tunnel other protocols (such as X11) over the existing channel.

Many network devices now-a-days ship with the capability to set-up, configure, and otherwise access them from a remote desktop. For instance routers from Cisco Systems allow you to access them via the Secure Shell protocol so that network administrators can log in and administer the hardware. This is all fine and dandy if you are an administrator working on UNIX or Linux but what if you are coming from a Windows machine?

MKS Toolkit products include a secure shell client and service/daemon as well as a host of other remote connectivity tools. Further, MKS AlertCentre allows you to proactively monitor remote devices and detect configuration or other issues and automate the corrective action thereby freeing your administrators to concentrate on real IT problems.

A Standards Based Solution

SSH protects your communications from IP spoofing, IP source routing, DNS spoofing, interception of cleartext passwords and date, manipulation of data by intermediate hosts and attacks from spoofed connections to an X11 server. In fact, the only thing an attacker can do is force SSH to disconnect from the host. Decryption, traffic play-back or hijacking the connection is not possible with SSH when using the encrypted communications.

The SSH protocol, including both SSH1 and SSH2, is the de facto standard in secure remote connectivity in the industry today with an estimated user base of well over 2 million. The Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) is in the process of formalizing the standards and draft documents can be viewed on their website.

Command-Line Utilities or Visual Explorer

PTC MKS Toolkit products include a number of tools and utilities that allow for secure communications between different machines and devices. These client and server utilities are based on OpenSSH and OpenSSL and will be compatible with UNIX/Linux or any other system that is running standards based versions of these tools. In addition, the utilities within the product allow you to interoperate with other Windows machines that also have an MKS Toolkit product installed.

Feature Description
Visual Secure FTP This unique Windows Explorer Extension provides secure, cross-platform file management allowing you to easily drag and drop files from one machine to another as well as manipulate files through a secure connection.

Secure Clients For environments that require secure and encrypted connections to remote machines, all PTC MKS Toolkit products contain secure counterparts to the remote utilities mentioned above. secsh (secure shell) and scp (secure copy) provide a secure command shell and secure file copy operations on remote UNIX/Linux or Windows machines.

In addition, PTC MKS Toolkit provides sftp (secure FTP) an interactive file transfer program, similar to ftp, which performs all file copy operations over the encrypted secsh transport.

Secure Services The PTC MKS Toolkit product line includes both the secshd and sftp-server services that let your Windows machine respond to ssh, scp and sftp requests from other Windows or UNIX/Linux machines.

Secure X11 The PTC MKS Toolkit products offer the option of creating a secure X11 connection as well as the normal shell window. The X connection (for arbitrary TCP/IP ports) is automatically tunneled through the secure connection and the secure shell client opens the connection to the X server on your client machine.

Connectivity Solutions Guide The PTC MKS Toolkit Connectivity Solutions Guide is a comprehensive document which outlines the remote and secure connectivity tools and utilities available within the MKS Toolkit product line. Find out more about the Secure Shell, Visual SFTP Explorer, and other remote tools, their use, and the business problems they solve. Download today!


The secure shell commands and utilities, along with the Visual Secure FTP Explorer Extension, are available in any PTC MKS Toolkit packaged product.

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