PTC MKS Toolkit Customer Testimonials

PTC MKS Toolkit 10.2

"I am using bash script to driven our testing of our application InDesign, Photohop, Illustrator. To handle crash recovery and start back up again from the point where it crash and continue with the testing. We do this on a daily basis on Mac side. Since I am a Mac Guy only I need a way to do the same thing on Windows systems. I tried to use Cygwin 1 year ago but had no luckā€¦.. I was also able to make ssh server work with Mkstoolkit and not Cygwin, that was a big bonus."
Adobe Systems Inc.

"after floundering about attempting to cobble together various bits and pieces of freeware to help me complete some of the urgent engineering tasks that have been set out before me, somewhere in the back of my head I recalled the name MKS toolkit"
Harry A. Kaplan, Artabolic Software Consulting

"There is a remarkable performance improvement using Mentor Graphics tools with MKS X/Server (previously XVision) as compared to X-Win32. Not sure what you're doing, but it's working."
Raytheon Missles Systems

"I keep using MKS Toolkit, in preference to Cygwin or Microsoft's Subsystem for UNIX based Applications (SUA), is that MKS allows use of Windows native file names in all contexts. This tremendously facilitates true "mixed-mode" development environments."

"MKS has been a lifesaver for us. My team has a 'ton' of experience on UNIX platforms and very-little-to-none on Windows. MKS has allowed us to do our work on a Windows box very quickly."
Gail Wilson, First American National Bank.

"Delivering UNIX based robotics solutions has contributed to much of our success and saving time and reducing TCO is an essential requirement for our clients. Having our applications on a PC enables our clients to perform more simulations in a virtual manner, without having to go onsite. Faced with this increasing demand for PC-based products among our clients, it became apparent that a migration to the Windows platform was necessary. MKS Toolkit for Enterprise Developers allowed us to do that quickly and easily."
Marcel Keinan, Director of CAD & Robcad Applications - R&D Group, Tecnomatix Technologies, Ltd.

"Through the UNIX-to-Windows NT migration initiative, we'll not only be able to support GDSS at a much lower cost, but we will also improve overall performance, manageability and reliability, providing the tools to allow our traders to operate at maximum efficiency. The rollout of the migration pilot has been extremely successful, and as a result of the effective partnering between Lehman, Dell, MKS and Microsoft, the speed of implementation was unbelievable! Word of our program is spreading to other areas and we can barely keep up with the demand from within the organization."
Tony Mercado, Vice President of Information Technology for Government Trading, Lehman Brothers.

"MKS Toolkit allows us to be more efficient and the ability to automate scripts has been instrumental in our productivity. The enhanced Secure Shell feature gives us reliable access to remote machines, allowing our users to connect to UNIX and Windows systems. MKS Toolkit has very useful facilities for a command-line addict!"
Steven Krauwer, Project Manager, ELSNET the European Network in Human Language Technologies.

"We produce live content over the Web, which our members around the world depend on so our information infrastructure has to be highly available and reliable. AlertCentre enables us to ensure the high availability we need and to do it affordably, because it leverages the expertise of our systems people and makes them more productive."
Rod Bergen, Chairman of Men of Vision.

"We are committed to helping customers move their valuable UNIX applications to Windows as easily as possible. MKS has been a key UNIX migration partner since the early days of Windows NT and we welcome this key 64-bit solution to the MKS product family."
Doug Miller, Director of the Microsoft Solution for UNIX Migration Program.

"We would never have even attempted this project without MKS. It would have cost too much and might have taken years. With MKS Toolkit for Enterprise Developers we just ported it over to Windows, got it to compile, and brought up Windows. It was very simple—and very fast."
Rob Pynaker, CogniSeis.

"Thru-Put Systems, a developer of chromatographic analysis and data management software, confidently relies on MKS Toolkit as its product of choice for delivering UNIX interoperability for Windows. Since Thru-Put's software development occurs simultaneously in UNIX and Windows, having a common toolset across platforms enables an efficient and complementary effort. Thru-Put's customers benefit as well, since they generally use our products on both UNIX and Windows systems. The automation features of MKS Toolkit allow our customers to work in a seamless environment that, in turn, helps Thru-Put Systems leverage its products."
Lynn Matthews, President, Thru-Put Systems, Inc.