MKS Product Activation Account
Notice of PTC MKS Toolkit and PTC X/Server Activation Manager unavailability.

PTC and, before PTC, MKS has always endeavored to keep the activation servers up and functional as much as we possibly can. We perform daily backups, we have the underlying database mirrored to a different physical location, we have source code saved under source control and we have a tested disaster recovery plan to restore the servers in the least amount of time if our data center were to succumb to a natural disaster.

There will be an interruption in Activation Manager service.

    Nov 30, 2018, time range TBD. The servers will be migrated to our new data center electronically to reduce down time. This down time will depend on the available bandwidth on the wire connecting the two data centers. Probably less than 2 hours but it could be as much as 2 days.
Please plan your own installations and migrations accordingly.

We apologize in advance for this interruption as we know this activation service is important to PTC MKS Toolkit and PTC X/Server customers and as always, we strive to keep this available as close to 24x7 as we possibly can.

PTC MKS Toolkit Interoperability Product Registration

Please take a few minutes to register yourself as a PTC MKS Toolkit Interoperability Product activator. The information that you will be asked to provide will allow us to keep you informed of important changes and updates to the software and allow you to activate software installs. All information that you provide will be kept confidential (see our privacy statement online for details).

For current release levels for the PTC MKS Toolkit Interoperability Products, see supported versions.

Complete the registration form below to set up an activation account:

This page is for registering for a PTC activation account for MKS Toolkit 9.3 and later and PTC X/Server 8.6 and later.
If you are using MKS Toolkit 9.2 and earlier, MKS Lex and YACC, or MKS X/Server 8.5 and earlier, you must register for an installation PIN instead.

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