Development Environment

PTC MKS Toolkit development products offer a complete development and interoperability environment on Windows. No matter what type of development you do, PTC MKS Toolkit includes tools that can ease the burden of development.

Software Development

PTC MKS Toolkit is an ideal solution for software developers and offers many tools and utilities that simplify daily development tasks:

  • Command line build utilities (make, cc, ar, ld), for migrating and unifying your builds across UNIX and Windows. This includes versions of the widely used GNU Make (gmake) and the GCC compiler. GNU Make is available on the PTC MKS Toolkit CD in the /samples/GNU/make-version directory, while a version of the GCC compiler tailored for use with the PTC MKS Toolkit environment can be found in the MKS Toolkit Resource Kit.
  • Standard editing and scripting tools for editing source code, make files, and for building complex development environments (vi, grep, find, awk, sed, Perl). PTC MKS Toolkit also includes a graphical version of vi, vi for Windows (viw) that responds to the standard vi commands, but supports standard Windows features such as font control and printer integration – the best of both worlds. You can even use viw as your editor of choice in Microsoft Visual Studio.
  • Source differencing tools for determining the scope of changes in your source code (diff, diffh, bdiff), including a side-by-side visual differencing tool (vdiff32).
  • Graphical and command-line scheduling interfaces for easily and automatically starting repetitive tasks, such as nightly builds, backups, and automated test runs.

Script Development

Scripting is an excellent way to solve many computing tasks. PTC MKS Toolkit ships with many commands and utilities—awk, sed, Perl, Tcl (Tool Command Language), PTC MKS C Shell, PTC MKS KornShell (with enhancements for creating graphical scripts), PTC MKS Bourne-Again Shell and more—to allow you to quickly and easily create powerful and robust solutions for your organization. PTC MKS Toolkit scripts can be written as standalone utilities or combined with other scripts, PTC MKS Toolkit utilities, or third party commands and applications to help automate routine tasks and increase productivity.

Web Development

Whether you develop HTML, maintain Web pages, or develop Web-based or e-business applications, PTC MKS Toolkit offers many commands to assist with your Internet/Intranet development tasks. ` PTC MKS Toolkit for Developers and all higher products allow you to manipulate HTML and other Web content as well as pull and push content from local or remote servers with utilities like web, htdiff, htsplit, htstrip, url, mkurl, PScript, and mkscgi. Combined with the scripting and automation tools described below, you can easily automate many routine Web development tasks.

Cross-Platform Development

The PTC MKS Toolkit migration products implement all of the most frequently used commands, utilities, and APIs of the UNIX 98 and UNIX 03 specifications. They then add hundreds of frequently used platform-specific APIs, commands and utilities to provide greater compatibility with Solaris, HP-UX, AIX, IRIX, Linux and legacy UNIX flavors (for example, SunOS). Applications migrated with these MKS Toolkit products run natively in the Windows subsystem, just like other Windows applications, and can take advantage of all Windows features, including COM, the registry, and Windows Help.