Ease integration of UNIX, Linux and Windows-based computers with PTC MKS Toolkit Products

PTC MKS Toolkit is a comprehensive family of software products which provides a Unix/Linux-like environment on Windows. Sample solutions using PTC MKS Toolkit products:

  • System Administration in Heterogeneous Computer Environments

    Set up user accounts, group associations, system permissions, end-user desktops, manage services, network mounts, the registry, monitor your system, network, and applications as well as a myriad of other system administration tasks.

  • Scripting to Automate Your Development and Administrative Processes

    Create scripts that can be easily modified and updated. When combined with the PTC MKS Toolkit scheduling utilities, it is simple to create complex tasks that are repeated at scheduled times and intervals, such as builds or nightly back-ups.

  • Automated Build Servers - Building Applications on Windows using Familiar UNIX/Linux Environments

    PTC MKS Toolkit development products offer a complete development and interoperability environment on Windows. Regardless of what type of development you do - software, web or cross-platform development - PTC MKS Toolkit includes tools that can ease the burden of development.

  • Port Applications from UNIX/Linux to Windows

    Migrate or port software from UNIX/Linux systems to Windows systems in days. PTC MKS Toolkit development products include over 2700 UNIX APIs necessary to run UNIX/Linux applications and over 300 commands and utilities necessary to run scripts from systems. The combination of the PTC MKS Toolkit UNIX APIs and the command-line development environment on Windows reduces the complexity of a port from UNIX to Windows that many developers are already used to: that of porting from one implementation of UNIX to another.

  • Connect to Remote Machines Securely

    Connectivity components available in the PTC MKS Toolkit products provide you with the means to securely access remote Windows, UNIX, and Linux machines.

  • Text Processing Functions to Create and Manipulate Files

    With most PTC MKS Toolkit creating and manipulating such files is a useful skill when creating almost any kind of PTC MKS Toolkit-based solution.

PTC MKS Toolkit provides several text processing utilities to handle any variety of text processing jobs, such as editors like the fully interactive vi editor, simple text formatting utilities like c, banner, or fmt, and complex formatting systems like groff and its related utilities.