Resource Kit and MKS Toolkit Add-On

PTC MKS Toolkit 10.2

The MKS Toolkit Resource Kit, a valuable collection of tools, code, and information to help you with your UNIX and Windows interoperability needs. Also available is the GCC add-on to PTC MKS Toolkit products providing a complete cross platform build environment and comprehensive network and application monitoring respectively.

The Resource Kit and the Add-On is the result of years of experience by our Consulting Services staff in supporting hundreds of customers and are free to all valid licensees of PTC MKS Toolkit products.

Download PTC MKS Resource Kit CD image Download the GCC Add-On



  • The GNU C/C++ add-on for NuTCRACKER is deprecated and is available for download for customers already using this compiler. PTC MKS Toolkit adds an LLVM/Clang port that is suitable for GCC command line and source code compatibility and produces both 32 and 64 bit code for the NuTCRAKCER Platform.

  • The Resource Kit offers many additional tools and APIs not included with the standard PTC MKS Toolkit product.
    • Sample scripts.
    • UNIX Application Programming Interfaces with their Win32 implementations (C source code) that can be used to help you complete your port.
    • Additional UNIX libraries ported to Windows with PTC MKS Toolkit.
    • Additional UNIX utilities ported with PTC MKS Toolkit that you may find useful on Windows.
    • Tutorials to help you port, integrate, evolve, and modernize your UNIX application with PTC MKS Toolkit and Windows.
    • A special PTC MKS Toolkit version of the Microsoft ATL COM AppWizard for Visual C++ 6.x, to assist you in creating COM components from legacy software.

For detailed contents, see Contents below.

How To Get It

The MKS Toolkit Resource Kit is shipped with all PTC MKS Toolkit Professional Developers and PTC MKS Toolkit for Enterprise Developers products and is downloadable for all other PTC MKS Toolkit customers from our web site. MKS Toolkit GCC Add-On is also available for download from our web site.

Full Downloads:
Download the Resource Kit - CD ISO image (both TK and AC Resource Kit items included)
Download The GCC Add-On for NuTCRACKER - CD ISO image (GCC source is on the ISO image)

Contents of the PTC Resource Kit

The Resource Kit contains a number of additional tools and APIs for use with PTC MKS Toolkit products. The Resource Kit installation process will determine which products and Add-Ons you have on your system and install the appropriate components.

The following table shows the contents of the latest version of the MKS Toolkit portion of the Resource Kit. Only the components which will work with your version of MKS Toolkit will be installed on your machine.

  APIs - PTC MKS Toolkit for Professional Developers.
  context An implementation of the Unix get/set/make/swapcontext in terms of Win32 Fibres. Nov-00
  endgrent /etc/groups enumeration the NT way Sep-98
  endpwent /etc/passwd enumeration the NT way Sep-98
  flock BSD flock() implemented in terms of fcntl() Sep-00
  getdomainname A getdomainname() implementation Jun-00
  getgrent /etc/groups enumeration the NT way Apr-99
  gethostid Maps the machine's NT SID into a host ID. Apr-99
  getpwent /etc/passwd enumeration the NT way Sep-98
  setgrent /etc/groups enumeration the NT way Sep-98
  setpwent /etc/passwd enumeration the NT way Apr-99
  sync A Win32 way of forcing disk synchronization May-00
  Libraries - PTC MKS Toolkit for Professional Developers (and above).
mit-shm Allow faster transport of pixmaps through shared memory to the Hummingbird X-Server Nov-02
  ONC RPC A port of ONC RPC where the portmapper is a service Sep-03
  pth GNU Pth - The GNU Portable Threads based on context apis, not pthread Nov-00
  Libraries - PTC MKS Toolkit for Enterprise Developers (and above).
  Xpm A port of the Pixmap library Sep-98
  Xview 3.2 A port of OPENLOOK 3.2 Sep-03
  Tools - PTC MKS Toolkit for Professional Developers (and above).
find_tk Both a command line script and a GUI application to find installed instances of PTC MKS Toolkit products on your network Jun-04
gcc GNU project C and C++ compiler Jun-04
  locate The Unix locate tool. One program scans your disks to create a database of files and another is used to rapidly search this database and find files. Jan-02
  lpr Berkeley lpd daemons, to allow printing from Win32 (Windows NT/Windows95) machines to lpd-hosted printers on a network Nov-00
  nice A ported version of the nice utility (Needs NuTCRACKER 4.0 patch 9/MKS Toolkit 7.0 or later) Sep-98
  NT Security Utilities to dump file security and user token in human readable form Sep-00
  ping The ping program using NuTCRACKER socket APIs. Jul-98
rsync rsync is a file transfer program capable of efficient remote update via a fast differencing algorithm. Jun-04
  sed GNU port of Sed which is a "stream editor" -- used for scripted data transformations, such as transforming a data stream within a pipeline. Nov-00
  showmount A sample RPC program to help administrators manage NFS servers in the domain Sep-00
  tcl Tcl (Tool Command Language) has a simple and programmable syntax. Dec-03
  tk Tk is the Graphical User Interface that makes it possible to make powerful GUIs for tcl scripts. Dec-03
tksched-7.5 GUI scheduler from PTC MKS Toolkit v7.5 Jun-04
  yes Output a string repeatedly until killed Sep-03
  Tutorials - PTC MKS Toolkit for Professional Developers (and above).
  Byte Ordering A brief discussion of solutions to sharing data with Big Endian machines Sep-98
  COM An introduction to COM, OLE Automation and building components with MKS Toolkit Oct-99
  InstallShield An InstallSHIELD example application showing NuTCRACKER Platform and X-Server installation May-00
  Printing An introduction to common printing porting problems. Printer enumeration, Postscript,. May-99
  Rogue Wave Tools.h++ How to build Rogue Wave Tools.h++ with NuTCRACKER Oct-98
  Shared Memory How to access NuTCRACKER shared memory from Win32 Oct-99
  Sockets and Non-IP protocols An introduction to IPX and NetBIOS over NuTCRACKER sockets Oct-98
  Sparse files How to port applications that are sparse file aware to Windows using NuTCRACKER Sep-03
  Scripts - PTC MKS Toolkit for System Administrators (and above).
  absname This handy little utility will generate the absolute pathname given a relative pathname May-00
  cgrep Context grep. See lines around those matching a specific pattern May-00
  clean_tmp Cleans out the $TEMP directories on all Windows NT boxes in the domain Sep-00
  cmpdu Use this customizable script to create and compare disk usage reports for your system. May-00
  Daleks A Dlg version of the UNIX game- "Robots" May-00
  disable_account Disables a specific Windows account Sep-00
  dossify This script will translate a UNIX style command line to the PC command line equivalent May-00
  download A simple script which will automatically download files from a directory tree via HTTP May-00
  dumpel A perl script to dump the event log Nov-00
  enable_account Enables a specific Windows account Sep-00
  expand_string Basically does the work of ExpandEnvironmentStrings() using shell scripting Sep-00
  force_change Force a user to change password on next login Sep-00
gdbm The perl GDBM module May-06
  getregstring A script to wrap up "registry" and request a specific string Sep-00 Sets the current code (view source) editor for Internet Explorer. Nov-02 Emulates the killall on some Unixes. Kill all processes running a current executable name. Nov-02
  man2html A customizable script donated by an MKS Toolkit customer. This one will allow you to create an HTML version of the MKS Toolkit man pages. May-00
  mdc A multiple desktop changing script. Create and flip between your NT/2000 desktops. May-00
  mktemp Generate a unique filename for use as a temporary file May-00
  mvprofile Move a users profile Sep-00
runserviceas A perl script to run a service as a different account May-06
  unlock_account Removes the "Account locked out" bit Sep-00
  usrrpt An excellent user reporting script that will allow you to document your systems user accounts and user attributes (username, home directory, group memberships, privileges and more) in a customizable way. May-00
  vss This script will take a Microsoft Visual Source Safe file report and create a vss2rcs formatted file. May-00
  weblink A very robust and powerful link checker for Web sites. Many customizable options and configurations to ensure that your site has no dead ends. May-00