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MKS NuTCRACKER 4.1 Patch Problems Fixed

Problem Description
Service Information If you are building a service with NuTCRACKER, you should copy the latest version of the service framework source and header file from the NuTCRACKER samples directory, and rebuild your service. The service framework has been updated to address an issue with signal handling in services, as well as an issue related to ensuring that the service functions properly on Windows 2000. Because these changes were made in the service framework itself, you need to obtain and build the latest copy of the framework source.
Patch 4
12705Deadlock in semaphores on multi-processor machines
12741Service unable to replicate or monitor sockets.
13143hang in select() when using multiple file types
13249access() on Win9x sometimes fails with errno 22
13485execlp() quoted strings bug
13508added logging information to patches
13514added logging information to patches
Patch 3
11495spurious errors logged by service.
11863spurious errors logged by service
12282Deinstalling Nutc 4.1 leaves extra chars in PATH
12412Non-canonical console read bug.
12437Sign-extension error in strchr()/strrchr()
12440Non-canonical console read bug.
12441ecvt() rounding error.
12445struct ar_hdr definition in ar.h is incorrect.
12488Sign-extension error in strchr()/strrchr()
12515Incomplete file descriptors inherited to child resulting in event log errors.
12542children created by service create lots of pthreads during exit.
12607Handle/memory leaks from _NutDisableNuTC()
12655Problem with Text mode conversion.
12668NutFdToHandle() is returning NULL instead of INVALID_HANDLE_VALUE.
12697Problem in arpa/telnet.h.
12759spurious errors logged by service
12772select hangs and uses 100% cpu.
12810Missing symbol from C++ runtime libraries.
12830select hangs and uses 100% cpu.
12895File descriptor given by _NutDupProcessFd() cannot be accessed.
12976Select does not return when using multiple file types.
12990Seg fault in _NutDisableNuTC() due to bad pointers
Patch 2
11307sscanf items matched and assigned are incorrect wtih %n
11551sscanf items matched and assigned are incorrect wtih %n
11561Error messages about eXtensible File Types in event log.
11581Slow drag and drop with Wintif library
11604Registration of .ksh uses 'wstart' which is not part of Partial run-time
11848Error messages about eXtensible File Types in event log.
11885Service built with NuTC doesn't exit properly in debug mode
11960sscanf items matched and assigned are incorrect wtih %n
12046bug in sscanf() using setlocale()
12047setlocale() doesn't recognize $LC_NUMERIC properly.
12090ftw() fails because stat() fails on some in-use files.
12116Divide-by-zero exception removing invalid semaphore ID.
12123access() fails on /dev/null.
12185NuTC control panel Services tab doesn't work for non-privileged users.
12199installing 4.1p1 seems to replace wintif library with motif ones
12212OE installer doesn't wait long enough for service to start.
12213Signal reentrancy in localtime() can cause deadlock.
12215Slow drag and drop with Wintif library
12255assert() macro not a valid single-line statement.
12296"Text file busy" error on open()ing /dev/lp on Windows 95/98 with NuT4.1
12301RT missing whatis, ntps.exe, update the version of sh to match OPT-T
12329Do not restore floating point state when longjmping out of a signal handler.
Patch 1
10025longjmp does not stop in the main thread.
11094Deadlocks caused by signal reentrancy.
11190Intermittent GPFs on Windows 95/98.
11194File permissions not correctly used by C++ constructor.
11284Large performance difference between stat() and _stat()
11315sigpause() was not delivering signal that caused pause to unblock.
11359Spurious SIGALRM signals received by application
11362FIFOs aren't respecting PIPE_BUF.
11377Apps hang when using files mounted with Solstice NFS client.
11414Type definition conflict for wchar_t if X_WCHAR is defined.
11439select fails with EBADF when selecting on more than one socket on 95/98.
11441deadlock in signal proxy thread.
11447Remove hard SYSV IPC limits.
11462Segmentation violation in Wintif File Selection Box.
11494Link errors for 'errno' and 'sys_errlist' when compiling in VC++ IDE.
11541Missing definitions of MSG_R and MSG_W in sys/msg.h.
11544SVR4 unsigned typedefs missing from sys/types.h.
11546Applications can hang when using sigset.
11579math.h is missing 'long double' functions.
11592Deadlock involving signal delivery during file close.
11600The prototype for nutinsInstallOe is fixed.
11636Missing definition of 'struct msgbuf'.
11665read() on a blocking socket returns incorrectly with EWOULDBLOCK.
11672Errors are logged when exec fails.
11704#include winnutc.h conflicts with #include varargs.h.
11710Deadlock involving file open and signals.
11720A socket server does not respond after server's child exits.
11734signal.h won't compile in strict ANSI mode + POSIX features enabled.
11744Type definition conflict for wchar_t if X_WCHAR is defined
11745'struct timezone' not correctly defined with #include time.h.
11755Type definition conflict for wchar_t if X_WCHAR is defined
11803Winsock2 update that shipped with NuTC 4.0 is slow.
11850SLnet installer doesn't install with certain license keys.
11856X11 local transport hangs.
11884The prototype for nutinsInstallOe is fixed.

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