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MKS NuTCRACKER 4.2a Patch Problems Fixed

Problem Description
Service Information If you are building a service with NuTCRACKER, you should copy the latest version of the service framework source and header file from the NuTCRACKER samples directory, and rebuild your service. The service framework has been updated to address an issue with signal handling in services, as well as an issue related to ensuring that the service functions properly on Windows 2000. Because these changes were made in the service framework itself, you need to obtain and build the latest copy of the framework source.
Patch 2
16937Format character %LF is not working properly in scanf() family.
16900Getting 'Out of memory attempting to allocate atexit() entry' w/ NC DL.
16810Signal information is lost vfork() child process signal handler.
16775Getting error: Failed to create directory "\:\NutTrasb" using unlink().
16571Kill command is not able to stop a NuTC service.
16567The pthread_cond_timewait() is suspending a thread indefinitely.
16537Getting and Exception when a Java app loads a DLL build w/ MKS NuTC 4.2p1.
16532The kill() function call fails on newly created child process.
16091The system() handling quoting in a way that causes cmd.exe to fail.
Private Patch 1.4
16619strerror() always sets errno to 22 (invalid argument)
16552Release of select() semaphore for file type 6 failed with error 298
16391Serious bug in _NutForkExec family
16389read() sets errno incorrectly
16355NuTC cleanup error.
16217shmat fails in some instances.
16214Processes sometimes hang on exit.
16172Multiple Socket/Pipe Errors in NT eventlog, busy loop in...
15927shared memory problem.
15879problem with socket calls.
15642Selection box bug is not resized properly.
15461poll() error.
15421select() does not work well in MT environments.
15227SCO 168.271, MessageBox too small.
Private Patch 1.3
16391Serious bug in _NutForkExec family.
Private Patch 1.2
16217shmat fails in some instances.
16214Processes sometimes hang on exit.
Private Patch 1.1
15927shared memory problem
15879Problem with socket calls
15642Selection box bug is not resized properly.
15461poll() error
15462commandline mangled by sh
15227MessageBox too small
13622FIFO inheritance broken by MKS 6.2 shell.
Patch 1
15762Unhandled exception in nutsys4.dll (pt_nutc.cpp) function
15749O_TEMPORARY open() option fails
15697login.csh clobbered when NuTC 4.2a installed
15649stat() on Win9x doesn't fill in st_mode properly
15491Sys V semaphore lock problem
15460many RPC calls to PDC
15423hang in pthread_once()
15368after vfork, unable to duplicate handle (Call Log 590047)
15168hcreate, hsearch: not getting entire capacity?

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