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MKS NuTCRACKER 4.2 Patch Problems Fixed

Problem Description
Service Information If you are building a service with NuTCRACKER, you should copy the latest version of the service framework source and header file from the NuTCRACKER samples directory, and rebuild your service. The service framework has been updated to address an issue with signal handling in services, as well as an issue related to ensuring that the service functions properly on Windows 2000. Because these changes were made in the service framework itself, you need to obtain and build the latest copy of the framework source.
Patch 3
15512how to use syslog without "description not found" message in event log?
15501syslog() writing incorrect messages
15391environment corrupted in child following popen
15390log message error in sockasync.c
15336lost environment variables after vfork/exec
15292__fixslash broken for long path names
15249not checking return from NutMalloc
15236chown changes effective uid.
15191process hangs on exit after socket error.
15178system() and NutForkExec* are not MT safe.
15161Getting error: Cannot open display :0.0 with X apps on Win95.
15150syslog event source registration isn't working correctly.
15145Code from 'nutlci4.dll' is corrupting memory.
15082cannot connect to display :0.0 with reflection Lite on Windows'95
15009curses.h error, _XOPEN_SOURCE_EXTENDED
14957_NutHandleToFd() ignores mode field and creates R/O fds.
14893When executing a script from a csh, the sub-shells seem to be ksh.
14691pdksh bad signal error
14529Problem with WINVER and winnutc.h
14517X server not being started automatically
14481WRQ OpenGL Option needs to include X Symbols.
14109general information category inconsistent with file version.
13773X-Server not started if no X-Server is running
134571st try autostart for CATEGORY_UNSUPPORTED fails.
13181autostart of XVision does not work on NT or 95
11983autostart of X server too strict.
11980XVision and ReflectionX do not auto-start.
Patch 2
14899problems with mmap and fork().
14867uil compiler segfaults with large input files.
14723Reverse stdio performance hit from CFS 14663
14688kill.exe interprets 0ddd pids as octal
14663Deadlock with pthread_cancel() and stdio
14650nutcsrv4.exe does not check return from malloc
14595NuTCRACKER support request: handle shift-tab in console server
14583Dead process holds file locks.
14491Dynamically grow buffer for env variables
14045NuTC Fatal error in lowest level exception handler blk
13684thr_kill() call crashes the application
Patch 1
14298AF_UNIX service provider calls UnMapViewOfFile with uninitialized memory.
14213subsequent free() of (_CDEBaseTranslationsOverride) crashes
14211X11 app crashes during _XimLocalFilter
14168unlink() reports success instead of failure on directories
14133header file bug for S_ISCTG in sys/stat.h
14102exec() does not work when NuTC style pathnames are supplied
14101sendto() unable to write large packets despite large buffersize
14079Support !Q19 flag to Absoft Fortran compiler
14064mutex bug causing long logout time from an NT Server went connected via telnet server
14014ecvt() rounding error
13975multiple users unable to access comm ports
13932Application Wizard crash
13913Uil/Mrm 31 character limitation in uil variables/identifiers
13902NFS and SLNet cookies only installed for Professional licenses
13846NFS and SLNet cookies only installed for Professional licenses
13741subsequent free() of (_CDEBaseTranslationsOverride) crashes
13613X11 app crashes during _XimLocalFilter.
13597Problem in locale.alias
13495"Registered Applications" in distribution enviroment - (Multibyte display problem).
13485exec() quoted argument passing
13386X11 app crashes during _XimLocalFilter.
13156textmode File I/0 in Fortran runtime when linking with textmode.obj
12572_NutFastStat() fails with UNC style pathnames
12387match registry entries for .ksh and .sh for runtime and development machines
12379match registry entries for .ksh and .sh for runtime and development machines
11604match registry entries for .ksh and .sh for runtime and development machines
8933Uil/Mrm 31 character limitation in uil variables/identifiers
8560Uil/Mrm 31 character limitation in uil variables/identifiers
5362added stat() support for floppy devices

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