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MKS Toolkit 8.6 Patch 1 Problems Fixed

For convenience, the following abbreviations are used in the following tables:

TKSA MKS Toolkit for System Administrators
TKDev MKS Toolkit for Developers
TKIO MKS Toolkit for Interoperability
TKPDev MKS Toolkit for Professional Developers
TKEDev MKS Toolkit for Enterprise Developers

MKS Toolkit Problems Fixed

Problem Applies To Description
CFS 17807TKEDevXtSetLanguageProc(NULL, NULL, NULL) causes unexpected results
CFS 21738Allat gives an error after running more than 2000 times
CFS 22410Allconnrlogin/connrsh/connssh fail when installed in a path with a space
CFS 22420TKDev, TKIO, TKPDev, TKEDevctags does not detect enumeration members
CFS 22595Alltksched runs task scheduled for a weekday on the wrong day
CFS 22612TKPDev, TKEDevmprotect on an mmaped page fails
CFS 22613TKPDev, TKEDevGranchild stdhandles for FIOIFOS no longer passed properly
CFS 22621Allscript fails with a SEGV on Windows 2000 Server with Terminal Services
CFS 22642Allnoglob does not work correctly in csh
CFS 22743TKPDev, TKEDevstrtod() not setting errno to ERANGE in some cases
CFS 22976Allnetnews should have an option that gives the same output as listgroup
CFS 23037TKPDev, TKEDevcalls to stat(), fstat() and access() fail with /dev/null
CFS 23046Allwts -l fails with tasks it cannot access
CFS 23049All\n only moves the cursor to the next line (no LF) in telnet/rlogin/ssh
CFS 23051All$ROOTDIR/etc/mibs/.index is updated every time a snmp util is run
CFS 23070Allshortcut should give better error about -f requiring full path
CFS 23073Allsh should be able to run a .lnk file
CFS 23080Alldosname gives error messages with \'s converted to /'s
CFS 23092Allcp -p fails on file/dir names that contain accented characters
CFS 23097Allpwd should return the actual current working directory instead of $PWD
CFS 23103Allthe ugrep "Edit File" feature tries to open the wrong file
CFS 23115TKPDev, TKEDevneed support for realpath()
CFS 23139Allsh left in wrong mode after emacs is closed
CFS 23191Allbzcmp and bzdiff use missing tempfile utility
CFS 23192Allbzless needs a "less" utility
CFS 23220TKPDev, TKEDev"Failed to synchronize with fork() child" error in event log
CFS 23221TKDev, TKIO, TKPDev, TKEDevar not detecting full disk
CFS 23240Allps should give better error when "no matching process..." issue occurs
CFS 23269AllTK_SH_RHS_OF_PIPE_IN_CURRENT_SHELL may cause sh to hang
CFS 23278All"who am i" does not work for non-admin users
CFS 23294TKDevcc does not build *.o
CFS 23296All<=> in sh has new glitch in TK 8.6
CFS 23319Allpasswd needs a -p option
CFS 23357Allinstaller should not look for a wininit.ini under NT/2K/XP/2K3
CFS 23371Allperl sample does not build - extensionless scripts not favoured over .sh
CFS 23430Allalias not getting exported to subshells
CFS 23478Allconnrlogin unable to find connrlserver.list
CFS 23497Allssh not generating the default mssshd user account
CFS 23498Allsh changes characters in PWD from lower to upper case
CFS 23500Allenviron.ksh is not getting executed from a subshell
CFS 23506Alldiff fails when piped to more
CFS 23512All no longer sources cshrc.csh and login.csh
CFS 23521TKPDev, TKEDevqsort() sorting back to front
CFS 23528All"Check Updates" results in the message "Invalid Information"
CFS 23529All"Check Updates" results can not be copied to the clipboard
CFS 23548Alldomain -e tries to list non-domain items
CFS 23555All"a=$(cat noexist 2> nul)" does not send error message to nul
CFS 23581TKPDev, TKEDevproblem accessing file on a Samba Server
CFS 23592TKPDev, TKEDevopen() fails on the special file NUL (dev/null)
CFS 23593TKPDev, TKEDevthe lockf() system call fails with a return value of (-1)
CFS 23613Allregistry needs to access 64-bit registry entries
CFS 23618Allcsh has problems with some versions of emacs
CFS 23623AllIf TMPDIR not defined then sh uses the Windows directory as the temp dir
CFS 23625Allawk treats large integers in input incorrectly
CFS 23627Allpsproxy fails when running on remote machines
CFS 23642TKPDev, TKEDevopen() causes a segmentation violation when compiled with ncf77
CFS 23647TKDev, TKIO, TKPDev, TKEDevld.ccg does not special case -ll and -ly for lex.lib and yacc.lib
CFS 23657Allsh/csh/ksh/bash will not run an executable that is not .exe name conforming
CFS 23658TKDev, TKIO, TKPDev, TKEDevMAKEFLAGS are not POSIX conforming
CFS 23662Allsh has new behavior for IFS
CFS 23669All"foo=`date -u`" causes sh to fail
CFS 23681TKPDev, TKEDevfork() is core dumping
CFS 23689Allsh only reads ENV for interactive shells
CFS 23702All produces binary output file with low value character
CFS 23707Allgrep not waiting for EOF or buffer to be full
CFS 23736Allset -n should be ignored in interactive shells
CFS 23817Allunset does not unset special shell environment variables
CFS 1013093Allvpax shows invalid files sizes on French Windows 95

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