MKS Toolkit - Running / Porting UNIX to Windows

MKS Toolkit 8.6 Patch 2 Problems Fixed

For convenience, the following abbreviations are used in the following tables:

TKSA MKS Toolkit for System Administrators
TKDev MKS Toolkit for Developers
TKIO MKS Toolkit for Interoperability
TKPDev MKS Toolkit for Professional Developers
TKEDev MKS Toolkit for Enterprise Developers

MKS Toolkit Problems Fixed

Problem Applies To Description
CFS 23561Alluncompress attempts to expand all files
CFS 23727TKPDev, TKEDevmath.h does not declare the C++ inline function implementations of the long double math routines
CFS 23953Alldf fails on drives with 32-byte long volume labels
CFS 23955TKDev, TKIO, TKPDev, TKEDevcc does not handle multiple .c files on the command line
CFS 24002Allfixed the start menu items for ssh, rsh and rlogin
CFS 24064TKIO, TKEDevcustomer would like to include lbxproxy with X Server

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