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MKS Toolkit 8.7 Patch 5 Problems Fixed

For convenience, the following abbreviations are used in the following tables:

TKSAMKS Toolkit for System Administrators
TKDevMKS Toolkit for Developers
TKIOMKS Toolkit for Interoperability
TKPDevMKS Toolkit for Professional Developers
TKEDevMKS Toolkit for Enterprise Developers
TKED64MKS Toolkit for Enterprise Developers 64-bit Edition

MKS Toolkit Problems Fixed

Problem Applies To Description
CFS 21269AllCtrl-C closes the shell Window
CFS 22966Allrlogind does not recognize localhosts in .rhost file
CFS 23329Allproblems with Ctrl-C while running scripts
CFS 24565Allthe release notes are not staged when silently creating an admin image
CFS 24704Allproblem with [[ in shell scripts
CFS 24758Alltar does not detect that the underlying file system does not support links
CFS 24867Allsh has cursor on wrong line after window is resized
CFS 24907Alleventlog needs an option to compare only the lower word of EventID
CFS 25076Allrshd failing under high loads
CFS 25153Allconnectivity suite needs more configuration options
CFS 25488TKEDevMotif 2.1 buttons are not mutually exclusive
CFS 25602Allsilent patch install doesn't update the registry
CFS 25627TKPDev, TKEDevdeadlock in msgrcv() when using hyper-threading on Windows XP SP2
CFS 25692TKPDev, TKEDevpoor realloc() performance
CFS 25825Allrsh fails when run by the SYSTEM account
CFS 25854AllCtrl-C doesn't break all scripts
CFS 25905Allgrep "-" is broken
CFS 25907Allsh no longer uses PATHEXT
CFS 25996AllCtrl-Break doesn't stop sh scripts properly in some cases
CFS 26074AllCtrl-Break in sh interrupts pipelines in the background
CFS 26111Allsh gives "bad file descriptor 3" error
CFS 26217TKPDev, TKEDevrexecd and rshd fail to run with OE license
CFS 26318TKPDev, TKEDevtwo threads competing to _exit() cause some races
CFS 26338Allsh handles double quotes differently than with previous releases
CFS 26366TKPDev, TKEDevOE install wizard skips license agreement dialog
CFS 26394Allrunning #!perl -P -S leaves a .c file in current working dir
CFS 26439Allcannot set up a certificate authority with openssl
CFS 26449TKPDev, TKEDevbash is not listed in the Deployment Wizard listing for PU or DU
CFS 26514TKEDevX application does not display fonts for English (UK) locale
CFS 26520Allrexecd hangs if file size larger than 20 kb
CFS 26653Allsh has problems calling .cmd files from scripts with long path names
CFS 26656TKEDevmnemonics not working in X applications when caps-lock is on
CFS 26672Allinstaller ought not to default to a shared cluster disk for TKROOTDIR
CFS 27054Allvery large scripts can cause a GP fault in sh

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