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MKS Toolkit 9.0 Patch 4 Problems Fixed

For convenience, the following abbreviations are used in the following tables:

TKSAMKS Toolkit for System Administrators
TKDevMKS Toolkit for Developers
TKIOMKS Toolkit for Interoperability
TKPDevMKS Toolkit for Professional Developers
TKEDevMKS Toolkit for Enterprise Developers
TKED64MKS Toolkit for Enterprise Developers 64-bit Edition

MKS Toolkit Problems Fixed

Problem Applies To Description
CFS 23020Allgroupinfo needs support for built-in groups such as EVERYONE and NETWORK
CFS 23340Allwhen cp -p fails it should fallback on the -m behavior
CFS 24843Allvi and viw give a "file exists" warning when writing to a new filename
CFS 25352Allgvar truncates variable contents at 255 characters
CFS 25360Allsu fails if it can't read the temp directory
CFS 25738Allfind fails with a "data area passed to a system call is too small" error
CFS 25918Allawk does not support the printf format control for the thousands separator
CFS 25941AllAlt-A in viw sometimes sends the highlighting past the end of the buffer
CFS 26653Allsh fails when calling .cmd files from scripts with long path names
CFS 26708Allstderr is silent for the built-in version of stty
CFS 26714Alladd support for standards-based authentication mechanisms to mail and web utilities
CFS 26786Allviw paints its window incorrectly when the native variable is set
CFS 26856AllF10 does not work correctly in a viw Visual Studio plug-in debug session
CFS 26876Allthe awk match() function is broken for non-ASCII input
CFS 26901Allviw Visual Studio plug-in has breakpoint painting issues
CFS 26903TKDev, TKIO, TKPDev, TKEDevneed support for new Visual Studio 2005 linker options
CFS 26904TKDev, TKIO, TKPDev, TKEDevsome debugging statements have been left in compiler.ccg
CFS 26940Allman -H does not work with Firefox
CFS 26977TKPDev, TKEDevcxx when used with Visual Studio 2005 can produce an executable that seg faults
CFS 26994Allshell tab complete of environment variables no longer works
CFS 27067TKPDev, TKEDevOE is missing xterm and kterm
CFS 27069Allscript does not work interactively
CFS 27098TKEDevXmGetPixmap() has display problems with multiple screens
CFS 27100Allcp fails when copying sparse files from SAMBA shares
CFS 27103AllGP faults in IA64 shell on dual processor machine
CFS 27126AllCtrl-O does not open files properly in viw Visual Studio plug-in
CFS 27200Allln -s can create bad links if one of the paths has a trailing slash
CFS 27201Allecho needs an option to treat escape sequences as normal text
CFS 27202Allhashbang should not search the path if the interpreter is not found
CFS 27211Allenv exits with Ctrl-C and leaves the child running
CFS 27212Allsome escape sequences cause expect to freeze
CFS 27214Allexpect gives "write() failed to write anything - will sleep(1) and retry" errors
CFS 27229Allbash needs support for the HISTCONTROL environment variable
CFS 27231Allshell tab complete on incomplete variable name gives a file listing
CFS 27245Allsilent uninstall causes ZoneAlarm popup
CFS 27252Allbash needs support for getline() line editing
CFS 27266Allvi and viw have screen corruption after the ^M
CFS 27278Allsu fails with the error "could not find a valid temp directory"
CFS 27302AllPlease add a ftp client to MKS Toolkit for use with expect
CFS 27303AllPlease add a telnet client to MKS Toolkit for use with expect
CFS 27318Allbsdftp gives an error on files larger than 2GB
CFS 27321Allpending loops on rename actions that are missing the overwrite flag
CFS 27324Allsh fails when the stdout and stderr handles are set to 0 instead of INVALID_HANDLE_VALUE
CFS 27326Allrsh should use Ctrl-D as EOF when input is from the console
CFS 27327Allcsh should use CTRL-D as EOF when completing filenames
CFS 27332Allwpaste doesn't support TK_STDIO_DEFAULT_OUTPUT_FORMAT
CFS 27333Allwcopy doesn't support TK_STDIO_DEFAULT_INPUT_FORMAT
CFS 27334Allwcopy should use CTRL-D as EOF when input is from the console
CFS 27350AllEOF at start of line doesn't try to exit when csh is in filec mode
CFS 27351Allif EOF is the first thing that is typed in csh it is ignored
CFS 27387AllAdd "-f " options to viw open and save dialogs
CFS 27444Allman's whatis error is missing a space
CFS 27452Allgp fault occurs in sh when PATHEXT contains extensions longer than 3 characters
CFS 27480Allsid fails to parse some security identifiers

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