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MKS Toolkit 9.0 Problems Fixed

For convenience, the following abbreviations are used in the following tables:

TKSAMKS Toolkit for System Administrators
TKDevMKS Toolkit for Developers
TKIOMKS Toolkit for Interoperability
TKPDevMKS Toolkit for Professional Developers
TKEDevMKS Toolkit for Enterprise Developers
TKED64MKS Toolkit for Enterprise Developers 64-bit Edition

MKS Toolkit Problems Fixed

Problem Applies To Description
CFS 17551TKPDev, TKEDevperl sample does not compile
CFS 19169Allvi and viw need Unicode support
CFS 19391TKPDev, TKEDevPATH_MAX is limited to maintain NT3.1 compatibility
CFS 19659Allneed a utility that can run a program or script as a service
CFS 20288Allmsgbox has problems with german umlauts
CFS 20877Allunable to get perl to not escape quotes
CFS 21456Allthe output of shortcut should include the shortcut type
CFS 21798Alltest -f and -c return wrong exit status for /dev/null
CFS 22088Allwindir needs an option to display full paths
CFS 22386Allvi re-executes the previous command instead of the new one
CFS 22423Allmsgbox on XP doesn't use new UI style
CFS 22462TKPDev, TKEDevneed wide character stdio support
CFS 22468All'ps -ef' doesn't show usernames
CFS 22556Allsome services still running after uninstall
CFS 22908Allneed a utility to place the PC in power saving mode
CFS 22916Allsh should always redraw every line of the prompt
CFS 22944Allvi and viw abbreviations don't expand in ex mode
CFS 22945Allsh tab completion should show matches in better format
CFS 22948Allviw documentation should be clearer about the character set that's used
CFS 23010Allthe file utility should support Unicode strings
CFS 23019Allmakedepend does not revert defines when processing multiple source files
CFS 23045All/dev/tty should be mapped to CON instead of CONIN$
CFS 23059Allsh needs command-line tab variable expansion
CFS 23062Allprintf doesn't handle %u properly
CFS 23063Allerror message reports incorrect range for printf %d
CFS 23066Allprintf limits should be documented
CFS 23068Allid fails with "invalid user name" when TK_NTSECURITYINFO_OFF is set
CFS 23075Allshortcut should check if the link's target exists
CFS 23081Allsmtpmail needs a "-F fullname" option
CFS 23084Allpwd needs an option to display the current dir of a given drive
CFS 23095TKPDev, TKEDevcan't install runtime after demo has been installed
CFS 23107All description of the sendmail variable needs clarification in the mailx reference page
CFS 23120Allthe vi reference page needs a note about %s
CFS 23122Alltouch and rm have minor issues with /dev/null
CFS 23184Allsh has issues with filename completion in current directory
CFS 23237Allall of the samples should be handled in the same way
CFS 23271TKPDev, TKEDevOE installer should detect existing perl install
CFS 23297Allenv uses a different algorithm for locating executables than sh does
CFS 23342Allcmd.exe filename completion prevents globbing
CFS 23351Allmailx unable to generate dead.let when there is a space in the home dir
CFS 23428Allinstaller ignores HOME if it's set differently than $HOMEDRIVE/$HOMEPATH
CFS 23470Allfilename containing french chars not displayed correctly in viw title bar
CFS 23515Allsh man page suggests that Toolkit includes an fg command
CFS 23539Allthe first line of output from 'pop3mail index' is undocumented
CFS 23547Allvi tags key is documented as CTRL-\], not CTRL-]
CFS 23570Allssh reference pages mention $USERPROFILE/.ssh/config instead of the registry
CFS 23599Allwindir outputs in the wrong codepage
CFS 23650Allpop3mail manpage doesn't state whether or not message numbers change when deleting
CFS 23705Allcp synopsis is missing the -S option
CFS 23867TKEDevit should not be possible to compile wintif and link motif or vice versa
CFS 24029Allrexecd not picking up the correct SHELL variable
CFS 24030Alldiff gives misleading error message
CFS 24060Allwait does not work as documented when PID is unknown
CFS 24071TKPDev, TKEDevPOSIX.4 timers missing
CFS 24238Allfile associations are needed for viw
CFS 24248Allcp does not return an error when directory does not exist
CFS 24284TKPDev, TKEDevneed support for FIONREAD
CFS 24352Allperl should be updated to version 5.8
CFS 24354Allchacl doesn't work if filename contains accented characters
CFS 24393Allcsh backticks not working with printf
CFS 24420Allcat should display OEM glyphs by default
CFS 24450Allneed a mktemp utility
CFS 24489Allerror from newhist.ksh when HOME is not set
CFS 24498Allvi reference page does not mention obsolete set option variables
CFS 24530Allviw does not write to a file after permissions are changed to read-write
CFS 24538Allsh memory error
CFS 24563Allredundant statement in the ln man page regarding hard links
CFS 24587AllVisual SFTP needs a way to drag and drop folders
CFS 24681Alltar man page should mention file and archive size limits
CFS 24699Allwts retries 600 times before giving an "Access is denied" error
CFS 24710Allrecently opened files are no longer second last entry in the viw file menu
CFS 24731Allsftp connection not closing properly
CFS 24742Allunable to upload big files via Visual SFTP
CFS 24755AllAutomatic Command Run bootup option should be named logon
CFS 24800Allarchive utilities have issues with multipart files
CFS 24808Allsh should look for "path" if "PATH" or "Path" are not found
CFS 24850Allspelling mistake in the kill reference page
CFS 24872Allnon-ASCII character causes sh to echo newlines
CFS 24873Allvi, viw and sh need Unicode support
CFS 25047Allecho needs -E -e -n options for bash compatibility
CFS 25094Allpsproxy has no man page
CFS 25113Allpath problems on the ClearCase MVFS filesystem
CFS 25215AllTK_NTSECURITYINFO_OFF=1 causes cp to report an error
CFS 25217All"cat con" skips first character on stdin
CFS 25231TKPDev, TKEDevdocs do not mention the signals that are supported by kill()
CFS 25253Alltouch gives an incomplete "Access is denied" error
CFS 25287Allctime fails if time zone is set to GMT+1
CFS 25292Allsh needs variable expansion
CFS 25323Allman needs a -H option to display HTML pages
CFS 25367Allcal and date only display the English names for days and months
CFS 25376Allwould like "manstrip [file]" supported
CFS 25390Allthe registry '-3' and '-6' options are not documented
CFS 25436Allopenssl sha1 gives incorrect output value if input is from STDIN
CFS 25477Allwhich needs support for a "-p path" option
CFS 25543Allfile needs support for Unicode and UTF-8 text files
CFS 25558Alltar stores 8 bit chars as OEM
CFS 25568Allperformance issues on Hyper-Threaded CPUs
CFS 25726TKPDev, TKEDevdelay issues with socket connections
CFS 25852TKPDev, TKEDevcancel/join of a thread blocked in select() halts the program
CFS 25863All"date -u" sets the date to GMT
CFS 25886Allmkszip generating exception with a 8+ GB file
CFS 25962Allls incorrectly calculates the width of double-byte characters
CFS 1012145Allviw help contents should be available in a reference page
CFS 1012430Allshortcut doesn't recognize accent chars in directory names
CFS 1013320Allshortcut cannot start a minimized window
CFS 1015383All"sleep 1000 & ; kill %1" doesn't kill the sleep
CFS 1018436Allthe current VIW font only includes ASCII characters

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