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MKS Toolkit 9.3 Problems Fixed

For convenience, the following abbreviations are used in the following tables:

TKSAMKS Toolkit for System Administrators
TKDevMKS Toolkit for Developers
TKIOMKS Toolkit for Interoperability
TKPDevMKS Toolkit for Professional Developers
TKEDevMKS Toolkit for Enterprise Developers
TKED64MKS Toolkit for Enterprise Developers 64-bit Edition

MKS Toolkit Problems Fixed

Problem Applies To Description
CFS 21194Allpthread_once is not documented
CFS 21777Alldircmp does not compare binary files
CFS 23014Allsh gives "history: The operation completed successfully" messages
CFS 23044Allsh should run GUI programs in the background
CFS 23048Allsh should support 64-bit integers
CFS 23079Allwhence -a gives -v behavior
CFS 23295All"mks_env load" should ignore $HISTFILE
CFS 23333Allmks_env needs a "list" keyword
CFS 23335Allmks_env needs a "dump name" keyword
CFS 23372Allmks_env needs a "script name" keyword
CFS 24098Allcsh error: Word too long
CFS 24188Allmks_env needs a way to autosave the current environment
CFS 25148Allpax needs POSIX.1 2001 support
CFS 25171Allcsh gets stuck in interactive mode after a script exits
CFS 25285Allsh is not following PATH to locate scripts
CFS 25299Allrsh/rcp should use a regexp to match "permission denied" errors
CFS 25402All"csh script" does not search PATH for script
CFS 25835Allmks_env should record a timestamp when it saves the environment
CFS 26342Allsh needs a FUNCTION variable to make debugging scripts easier
CFS 26947Alltaskrun creates temporary files in the current directory
CFS 27081Allstrip does not remove digital certificates
CFS 27267Allsecsh-keygen docs suggest a default value is used for the key
CFS 27518Allsh man page should list command-line and environment variable limits under LIMITS
CFS 27774TKPDev, TKEDevAF_UNIX has a problem with return code
CFS 27825TKDev, TKIO, TKPDev, TKEDevcxx fails to link object modules that contain accented characters
CFS 27959Allthe shexec/start/wstart man pages should reference each other
CFS 28429Allthere are missing Windows Vista references in the man pages
CFS 28437Allshexec man page refers to shellexeucte.exe
CFS 28438Allln man page is unclear about the creation of symlinks to directories
CFS 28581Allmany enhancements to the eucm man page
CFS 28785TKEDevxterm prevents debugger from attaching to process
CFS 28827All64encode should always output ASCII
CFS 28899Allviw/vi displays the cursor incorrectly on Japanese machines
CFS 28920All"set attrib" gives different results in viw than in vi
CFS 28977Allwhence man page should state it creates tracked aliases
CFS 29002Allweb download images do not contain the opengl runtime dlls
CFS 29038TKPDev, TKEDevprocess does not show pending signals
CFS 29072Alldocumentation should note that unformatted man pages are not supported
CFS 29099Allunable to enter CTRL characters in vi
CFS 29107Alleffect of DUALCASE on shell completion is not documented
CFS 29167Allpg man page suggests that "pg -f" does not fold lines
CFS 29229Allprintf man page does not list the range for 64-bit integers
CFS 29367All"lsshare -l" output should be separated with tabs
CFS 29374Allar does not remove the last member of an archive
CFS 29395All"ls -l" shows the group ID garbled on Japanese machines
CFS 29396Alluname man page needs to be updated for Windows Vista
CFS 29451Alltaskrun man page should note how ksh/sh scripts are executed
CFS 29454Alltaskrun needs a "-M mail_command" option
CFS 29490Alluname man page needs to be updated for Windows Vista and Server 2008
CFS 29580Allrollback when installing TK 9.2 over 9.1p1
CFS 29623Allvariable context recognition broken in awk
CFS 29644All$_ is not documented
CFS 29654Allviw sets 'attrib' incorrectly in ex.rc
CFS 29752Allinstallation of the remote utilities should be optional
CFS 29766Alladd a note to the grep man page about using "man 5 regexp" to view the regexp man page
CFS 29999Allmsgbox man page should note how to get linebreaks in the message box
CFS 30005Allln man page needs more info about privileges
CFS 30051Alltaskrun man page needs to cover hidden tasks
CFS 30060Allfile does not recognize WinZip self-extracting archives
CFS 30074All"sort -N" needs to be documented
CFS 30081Allcpp man page should be updated to describe the -whitespace and -lang-fortran options
CFS 30149TKEDevsystem("syncrec&") from an X/Motif app fails
CFS 30180Allgroupinfo man page should document the three types of groups
CFS 30279Allcpio fails if there are special characters in filenames
CFS 30320TKPDev, TKEDevatomic functions are missing from NuTCRACKER
CFS 30327Allrm fails to remove read-only files on 64-bit Windows Vista
CFS 30449Allsh does not support variables named with parens
CFS 30467Allat is not getting executed on a remote machine
CFS 30487Allfallback_to_domain_user is not working in rshd/rexecd
CFS 30490Allsh problem with "\" and quoting
CFS 30518Allneed a way to determine whether sh is elevated or not
CFS 30529Allrsetup needs a "-u username" option
CFS 30540TKPDev, TKEDevmemory leak in C++ streams
CFS 30588Alllinking long names causes a "directory not found" message
CFS 30589TKPDev, TKEDevapplication fails to initialize properly on x64 machine
CFS 30603Allsh needs to support both MKSARGS and MKSARGS_UTF8
CFS 30611Allxterm crashes with incorrect command
CFS 30618Allrcp does not handle filenames with spaces in them
CFS 30638Allfunction definitions should not be stored in the history file
CFS 30671Allpax seg faults when reading an archive from stdin that contains links
CFS 30672Allodd error message from cp
CFS 30674Allcompatibility problem between Symantec and Toolkit

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