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MKS AlertCentre 2.02 Problems Fixed

For convenience, the following abbreviations are used in the following tables:

AC MKS AlertCentre

MKS AlertCentre Problems Fixed

Problem Applies To Description
CFS 23198 AC Initialization Wizard keeps on coming up
CFS 22079 AC would like the ability to select action on first success after failure
CFS 22080 AC online help doesn't mention multiple select capability of actions
CFS 22710 AC AlertCentre has problems with IIS 6 under Windows 2003
CFS 20066 AC email alerts should support custom subject lines
CFS 22730 AC fping needs to be ported to toolkit
CFS 20870 AC perl exits with an unexpected value
CFS 21839 AC need SNMP support for Disk, CPU and Memory utilization monitors
CFS 21973 AC website link integrity monitor output needs improvements
CFS 23291 AC snpp alert doesn't display errors on test
CFS 23318 AC need Windows performance monitor of an existing named process
CFS 23320 AC AlertCentre Error: Maximum execution time of 30 seconds exceeded
CFS 23325 AC Windows performance counter to monitor existence of a named process
CFS 23378 AC service display name should be listed rather than the internal name
CFS 23380 AC need the ability to clone a monitor group that also clones the contained monitors
CFS 22425 AC website link integrity monitor showing false failures
CFS 19853 AC Batch Job and Job used inconsistently in the UI
CFS 20687 AC installer needs to support PWS
CFS 23534 AC AlertCentre does not work correctly with terminal services
CFS 23403 AC the ALT text in the SOO window error icons is not unique
CFS 23476 AC need a way to modify escalation rules for multiple monitors
CFS 22947 AC installer has problems with existing MSDE installations
CFS 22950 AC init wizard loops on IIS machines
CFS 19912 AC exit codes from many AlertCentre perl processes are 256 instead of 0

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