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MKS Lex & Yacc 3.4 Patch 1 Problems Fixed

Description: This patch addresses several issues that have been raised since the release of MKS Lex & Yacc 3.4

Problem Description
CFS 25372$ROOTDIR/libmks/yymapch.cpp is not installed
CFS 25428MFC project complains that WINDOWS.H is already included
CFS 26042Visual Studio .NET 2003 generates errors due to missing const qualifiers in yylex.c and yyparse.c
CFS 26142repetition count syntax does not conform to the documentation
CFS 26497Lex & Yacc is not compliant with change in Visual Studio .NET 2005
CFS 26511lex can seg fault if LEXBUFFSIZE limit is exceeded
CFS 26927samples do not build with Visual Studio .NET 2005

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