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MKS Lex & Yacc 3.4 Problems Fixed

Description: This release addresses several issues that have been raised since the release of MKS Lex & Yacc 3.3.1

Problem Description
CFS 18101-p switch broken for multiple parsers in a single program
CFS 18818YYDEBUG=1 and multiple parsers cannot coexist
CFS 18820cannot create a static library for use with an executable
CFS 19095yySaveScan and yyRestoreScan missing from C++ version of lex
CFS 21159need support for VC++ 7.0
CFS 23774cannot increase size of entry buffer with lex
CFS 23775syntax error in C++ delete array
CFS 1006395generated code hangs if yylex() is called after EOF

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