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MKS X/Server 8.1 Problems Fixed

Resolved Issues:

Problem Description
CFS 27031ghosting problems on dual monitor systems
CFS 27833X/Server needs SSH support
CFS 27839X/Server needs support for X11 forwarding
CFS 27873X/Server needs a way to gather support information
CFS 27911New Unix Program context menu item has no icon on x64 operating systems
CFS 27928New Unix Program shortcut has no icon under Vista
CFS 27974re-paint issues with some third party skinned applications
CFS 27975mouse cursor can get lost in background
CFS 27984XDMCP Display Manager reopens after clicking Cancel
CFS 27987installer title mentions "MKS X/Server" twice
CFS 27990100Dpi and Misc fonts are missing from compact install
CFS 27993Run button on Remote Program Starter is grayed until a Host name is entered
CFS 27996MRU lists are not populated in GUI applications
CFS 28002X/Server needs support for @ style variables
CFS 28003Host Replies dialog does not display command output
CFS 28004editing an rps file restricts the size of the command line
CFS 2803464-bit Toolkit shell fails to start after X/Server eval is installed
CFS 28080wrong folder is opened when adding a font
CFS 28082CERT/CC - Multiple X servers fail to properly allocate memory
CFS 28087warning on close of server is disabled by default
CFS 28089fonts are duplicated in new profile
CFS 28095upgrade from eval to live product requires reinstall
CFS 28114Host Explorer fails at startup on Japanese Vista
CFS 28117OpenGL applications open a GLX eval dialog
CFS 28119Zones shortcut has no icon on Windows 2000
CFS 28130issues with deleting the profile during uninstall
CFS 28150scripting needs to support csh as default shell
CFS 28210left and right panes of UNIX Neighborhood do not agree
CFS 28215Zones does not return to the default skin
CFS 28221Help button on the Fonts substitution page is broken
CFS 28254problems with the Install on Demand installation option
CFS 28256GLX extension error occurs with eval version
CFS 28257profile location is not displayed correctly
CFS 28344Tarantella and XVision are mentioned in xlog.txt
CFS 28345Zonebar tab on Zones Properties dialog gives a GP fault
CFS 28352color depth is wrong for remote UNIX machines
CFS 28357XVSpy fails at start up
CFS 28374license problems can occur when upgrading from eval to live version

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