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MKS X/Server 8.5 Patch 1 Problems Fixed

Resolved Issues:

Problem Description
CFS 27837X/Server needs support for compressed fonts
CFS 29530Windows Explorer crashes when opening a folder that contains .rif files
CFS 29628xhost fails with "must be on local machine to enable or disable access control" error
CFS 29658a mouse click caused X/Server to GPF
CFS 29678X/Server memory error
CFS 29680X/Server PseudoColor problem
CFS 29694text placed on an angle is not displayed correctly
CFS 29709GPF in 3D application
CFS 29729error in pixmap code
CFS 29730GLX issue related to multiple GLX applications running at same time
CFS 29731X/Server GPF caused by a bad pointer to a resource
CFS 29843X/Server memory usage problem
CFS 29876X/Server pixmap related GPF
CFS 29877cannot get more than 1 colormap with X/Server
CFS 29885application makes a call to XOpenDisplay() and never returns
CFS 29893font problem with X/Server
CFS 29902X/Server pixmap related GPF
CFS 29907colormap washout issue
CFS 29948unable to use PseudoColor visual
CFS 29963mwm goes to 100% processor when xvl is terminated
CFS 30038PutImage x11perf test shows PseudoColor problems
CFS 30040direct rendering related memory leak in xvl

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