MKS Toolkit - Running / Porting UNIX to Windows

MKS X/Server 8.5 Patch 2 Problems Fixed

Resolved Issues:

Problem Description
CFS 29153improved message when trying to use local X/Server as full X/Server
CFS 29661Japanese application freezing
CFS 30062xeyes does not work correctly
CFS 30121Overlay Planes cannot be enabled on German and Japanese machines
CFS 30158problems with 256 colors and text display
CFS 30162error occurs when PseudoColor and GLX is used
CFS 30205server fails to start on machines named with only hex digits
CFS 30248GPF on Windows 2000 for query of arial black medium norm96 font
CFS 30472xclock opens with a blank display in PseudoColor mode
CFS 30731problems with Ximage and PseudoColor mode
CFS 31267need support for Unicode Windows fonts

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