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MKS X/Server 8.5 Problems Fixed

Resolved Issues:

Problem Description
CFS 16119painting problems occur after window is resized
CFS 18287failures occur when several windows are opened, closed, and resized many times per second
CFS 18968re-paint issues occur after resizing a window
CFS 22365restarting after a resolution change should be optional
CFS 27563failure to start on 64-bit Japanese machines
CFS 27835added support for XinputExtension
CFS 27879XDMCP needs support for IPv6
CFS 27921vservices and dbserv are not closed after an uninstall on Vista
CFS 28036ANSI, VT420, and WYSE60 emulators need UTF-8 support
CFS 28074added support for full screen single window mode on one monitor
CFS 28266XVspy does not work when using a font server
CFS 28313new fonts should be automatically added to the profile
CFS 28474added support for UTF-8 mapping
CFS 28602added support for Arabic fonts
CFS 28839paste does not send COMPOUND_TEXT properly on Japanese machines
CFS 28840problems occur when clicking and moving the mouse quickly
CFS 28984inst_symbols.cmd needs a setlocal
CFS 29013contact Information on the main Unhandled Exception dialog is incorrect
CFS 29031installer needs a better way to shut down X/Server processes
CFS 29125added support for RENDER extension
CFS 29126RPS needs dual NIC support
CFS 29145added support for simultaneous visuals - PseduoColor and TrueColor
CFS 29147Eclipse 3.3 dies with an error when dismissing a dialog
CFS 29149various color and font problems with xterm
CFS 29296items in pulldown menus do not function with the keyboard using mnemonics
CFS 29319problems with font substitution
CFS 29376deleting .rif shortcuts result in hangs on Vista
CFS 29392GPF in vwmGetProprty()
CFS 29409GPF CheckPassiveGrabsOnWindow()
CFS 29522Unhandled Exception results when Direct Rendering is enabled
CFS 29362cut and paste problems with X Windows clipboard
CFS 29355XWindow not placed correctly in a dual monitor system

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