MKS Toolkit - Running / Porting UNIX to Windows

PTC X/Server 8.7 Problems Fixed

Resolved Issues:

Problem Description
CFS 34588Cannot get any key events from Application key on US Windows 102 keyboard layout.
CFS 34575GLX widget windows in a scrolled parent window lose their content when the scroll is used.
CFS 34022Unhandled Exception after applying XServer 8.5p2.
CFS 33980Window framing issue.
CFS 33959Problems using XT27Fonts for the Unisys SCP client.
CFS 33723Copy to/Paste from UTF8_STRING CLIPBOARD fails on some characters.
CFS 31834Primary Modal dialogs prevent mouse button events in sibling Mod.
CFS 29211X/Server sm.dll conflicting with other applications.

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