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New Maintenance Releases Now Available!

PTC MKS Toolkit 9.6 (Patch 1) and PTC X/Server 8.7 (Patch 1) are now available. Click here for an overview of enhancements and a list of fixed problems in the latest maintenance releases.

PTC MKS Toolkit is the leader in UNIX to Windows scripting, connectivity and application migration. PTC MKS Toolkit 9.6 and PTC X/Server 8.7 are compatible with Windows 8/8.1 and Visual C++ from Microsoft Visual Studio 2013.

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Windows 10 Alert!

PTC MKS Toolkit 9.6 and PTC X/Server 8.7 are not certified on Windows 10 and these products do not function on Windows 10. Versions of MKS Toolkit and X/Server earlier than 10.0 will not be retrofitted to work with Windows 10.

PTC MKS Toolkit 10.0 and PTC X/Server 10.0 are in the testing and best efforts will be made to release within 30 days of General Availability (GA) of Windows and Visual Studio 2015. We anticipate an MKS Toolkit and X/Server release on or around October 9, 2015. We recommend you not upgrade to Windows 10 until you can upgrade to TK10/XS10. If you have support, you may request an upgrade on the release day. If you do not have support, please contact Toolkit Sales: PTC MKS Toolkit Sales


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