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Toolmakers Respond to Boom in Scripting

Article by Peter Coffee on

“Using scripting in the right parts of an application stack, to do the right things, is a complex and subjective challenge of finding the right fit between talents and technologies. Writing, debugging and testing scripts is a more straightforward but nontrivial challenge of finding the right fit between complexity and capability.
Toolmakers, recognizing the white-hot interest of system administrators and applications developers in putting scripts to work in more tasks, are responding with innovation and integration to create attractive script development alternatives.”
“…Scripting’s heritage is largely in the Unix space, but it becomes more universal with the availability of products such as MKS Inc.'s Toolkit 9.0, released in June, which hosts traditional UNIX tools on Windows and can package a script as a Windows service (www.”

To see the full article visit:,1759,1846130,00.asp

MKS Soon to Ship Signed Binaries

Starting with 9.0p2 we will be signing all binaries, including all executables (and DLLs), cabinets, MSI (installer) files and self extracting installers. Once the binaries are signed, any tampering will be detected and the signature becomes invalid. This way customers can be sure that the binaries they install are the same high quality, untampered, VIRUS-FREE binaries that left the Engineering Department.

Features & Benefits of Code Signing:
An introduction to Code Signing:

Direct Rendering OpenGL for x64

MKS will soon be releasing the newest version of its high performance OpenGL add-on for MKS Toolkit for Enterprise Developers. With this release not only do you get Hummingbirds Exceed 2006 for x64 but also an MKS Toolkit ported OpenGL library which supports direct rendering for easy migration of your high performance UNIX and Linux graphics applications to the Windows 64-bit operating system.

The new HCL OpenGL add-on joins the tools and utilities, connectivity components and Perl programming and scripting language which are already 64-bit aware or true 64-bit components within the MKS Toolkit.

** Note: The HCL OpenGL 64-bit add-on is not available for Itanium platforms.

More info on MKS Toolkit for Enterprise Developers:

Partners Celebrating 10 Years with MKS

MKS is happy to announce the Ten Year Anniversary of several of its International Partnerships. Mark Funt, MKS Vice President International & North American Channel Sales, says “A strong distribution channel is absolutely critical for MKS, as we deliver our solution to the global marketplace. Additionally, the wide scope of tools available in the MKS Toolkit product line has long since contributed to productivity gains in the Windows Environment.” “Our alliances, he continued, “provide us with additional marketplace penetration, wider coverage and increased flexibility to offer our customers the most targeted solution at the best price.”

Nextcom – Japan – Aug/95
Nextcom (formerly Adamnet), a subsidiary of the Mitsui holding Company, has been involved in the evolution of the MKS Toolkit for Enterprise (formerly NuTCRACKER) adding language issues to the complexity of porting large applications. Among Nextcom’s most notable accounts is Toshiba Medical who has ported a number of imaging products to Windows. Several of Nextcom’s customers have been kind enough to be the subject of case studies that are available at Nextcom is a reseller of all MKS Toolkit products and highlights the need for a good partner group as they operate well out of MKS’ standard time zones. Visit:

Objectline – Paris France – Nov/95
The first International distributor of the MKS UNIX to Windows porting tool was ObjectLine. Objectline made the decision early in 1995, when the market was still undecided between Windows 95 and Windows NT (but still very strong on UNIX ), to provide the MKS solution to the French market. Major accounts include the builders of the Air Bus and several network software firms. The professional first line support of their engineers is a major contributor to their happy customer base. “Thanks to its full integration and interaction with native Win32, the use of a single source base across UNIX and Windows saves time and money, and the ability to rapidly port complex applications is astounding,” says Philippe Fery, CEO, Objectline. Visit:

Scientific Computers GmbH – Nov/95
Scientific GmbH supports porting applications in Germany, as well as Switzerland and Austria. A number of Scientifics’ accounts are in the imaging and scientific instrument businesses and have also been distributing ported software for a number of years. “Our long partnership with MKS has grown steadily and has been very rewarding. Over these years we have seen significant development of the MKS Toolkit product line, which has become a standard in its market segments. We would like to thank MKS for a very good product and for excellent support (and for a lot of very good sushi ;-),” says Markus Schindler, Sales Manager Interoperability Products, Scientific Computers GmbH. Visit:

unilab – Paderborn Germany – Nov/95
unilab was created by a joint effort of Siemens Nixdorf and the University of Braunschweig, offering innovative services and productivity enhancements, as strategic partners in Information Technology (IT) markets. More than 10 years ago, unilab Computersysteme AG established its business as System Integrator and Software Supplier. The project’s success is based on tight collaboration with customers and partners. unilab Computersysteme AG specializes in solving highly complex tasks in the software market, including porting UNIX applications to Windows NT/2003 and as well as development of complete software projects.

“MKS Toolkit has provided options and benefits to our customers for over 10 years. With the help of MKS Toolkit solutions, our customer’s can easily move their UNIX applications to Windows platforms,” says Bastian Genius – Product Manger, Toolkit Product line. “We are able to easily access remote UNIX, Linux and Windows systems with a complete connectivity suite to provide our customers with the best, possible support.”

Scientific Computers Ltd. UK – Nov/95
The decision to move into the UK market was a natural one. MKS selected Scientific Computers based on their knowledge of the market and expertise in UNIX and Windows. Together we have been involved in a number of notable accounts including engineering, medical, financial and manufacturing companies.

“SCL and MKS have worked together to develop a mutually profitable relationship. From the very start the management of both companies ‘pushed’ the sales engine in the right direction to jump start the partnership and have been successfully fine tuning the process ever since. We are looking forward to the next 10 years,” says Alan Hall, Managing Director, SCL. Visit:

Please DON’T IGNORE that PCS Renewal Email

PCS is the MKS annual support and update program for all MKS Software. The key is with a current PCS contract you will receive all patches, bug fixes, product upgrades, as well as technical support. Without it, you won‘t receive any of these benefits! And, with the changing environments we all work in, it is a very inexpensive option for you.

Our general approach is to remind everyone when their support is expiring about 45 days beforehand. This doesn’t always work since sometimes we don’t always have your current contact information, but we try. Customers have until their current PCS agreement expires to renew support. Once it has expired, we do offer a process to update your software and get back on support, but it is much more costly than continuing PCS. For example, an annual agreement for PCS on MKS Toolkit for Developer is $80. To update a copy of MKS Toolkit for Developer a month after PCS has expired, the cost is $280. Over a year, and it’s more expensive and at the two year mark, you have to purchase new software.

So, when you get that email from MKS in North America or from one of our partners elsewhere in the world, please don’t ignore it. Our full update policy is found at:

ATTN: MKS Software Inc, Fairfax, VA – is on the MOVE

Please take note that our MKS, Fairfax, Virginia office is moving to a new location. We will be at our new office space October 28, 2005. Our new address will be 12701 Fair Lakes Circle, Suite #350, Fairfax, VA 22033. Our telephone +1 (703) 803-3343 and fax number +1 (703) 803-3344 remain the same. We are excited about our new office as it will provide better functionality to better serve you, our customers! Please remember to send your purchase orders to our new address starting October 28th.

MKS Toolkit Quick Tips

Q: What support for 64-bit Windows does the MKS Toolkit product line contain?
A: MKS has two different solutions for the 64-bit Windows operating system.
§ A 32-bit suite of MKS Toolkit commands and utilities which is 64-bit file aware and contains a 64-bit sh, ksh and bash. Telnet, ssh, xterm, etc. all support running 64 or 32-bit applications on 64-bit Windows.
§ MKS Toolkit for Enterprise Developers 64-bit Edition.
MKS Toolkit 9.0 fully supports x64 Windows XP and Windows 2003 and Itanium versions of Windows 2003.

Q: Is there a functional telnet, secure shell, xterm and rlogin service on 64-bit Windows?
A: Yes. All MKS Toolkit v8.7 (and above) variants support both Win32 and Win64 executables.

Q: Which 64-bit Windows platforms are supported?
A: With the 9.0 release (July 2005), Windows XP x64 Edition, Windows Server 2003 x64 Edition and Windows Server 2003 for Itanium. As new versions of Windows are released, they will be validated and supported as appropriate by the next current version of the MKS Toolkit product line.

To get more MKS Toolkit Tips visit our knowledge base at:
To refer to the Connectivity Solutions Guide go to:
To download the Resource Kit visit:

Update to MKS Toolkit 9.0 Today!

The MKS Toolkit product family offers the most complete solution set for portability, interoperability, user compatibility and adaptability of applications in heterogeneous UNIX, Linux, Windows, and Web environments. The MKS Toolkit product family addresses the needs of all developers and administrators by delivering quality products, extensive support, and increased functionality within multiple environments.

Features in 9.0:
For full details of our update policy go to:

To update today email:, call us at 1-800-637-8034, 1 703-803-3343, Europe +44 1483 733 933 or call your local distributor/reseller.

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If you have an RSS viewer, point it to to get all the latest news for the MKS Interoperability product line.

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