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Men of Vision

We produce live content over the Web, which our members around the world depend on, so our information infrastructure has to be highly available and reliable. AlertCentre enables us to ensure the high availability we need and to do it affordably, because it leverages the expertise of our systems people and makes them more productive!
Rod Bergen,
Chairman, Men of Vision

The AlertCentre® Add-on to MKS Toolkit products is a complete solution for monitoring, alerting and corrective action automation scheduling. AlertCentre can monitor your mission-critical systems and applications 24 hours a day, seven days a week to provide you with the peace of mind of knowing that your network, applications, and Internet/Intranet-based information systems are running normally.

  • Automation of Monitoring, Alerting, Escalation, and Corrective Action. AlertCentre automatically triggers actions to be taken upon failures or system events. Using these actions, you can alert people of failures and critical system status through e-mail, cell phone, pager, SNMP trap, or your own custom actions. AlertCentre also lets you implement an escalation process to notify the right people and take appropriate action based on the severity of a problem. And AlertCentre can trigger monitors, scripts, and programs as actions, letting you take automated corrective action.

  • Built-in Monitoring Redundancy. AlertCentre, with the appropriate number of MKS Toolkit product licenses, provides the ability to monitor the monitors, to help ensure that your critical resources stay available and that your business continues to run non-stop. Should the primary machine go down, a backup can automatically kick in and resume monitoring your systems and applications.

  • Easy Customization. While designed to work out of the box with a wide array of predefined monitors and because it is built on the powerful MKS Toolkit platform, AlertCentre is also easy to customize. You can configure monitor behavior via the graphical user interface, organize your monitors into easy-to-manage groups, and create custom monitors. Using custom monitors, you can plug-in existing custom scripts to create your own monitor types and still benefit from AlertCentre's built-in action and alerting capabilities.

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