PTC X/Server Request for Evaluation Kit

Thank you for your interest in PTC X/Server.

To request an evaluation copy, please fill out and submit the following form. All fields are required unless otherwise noted. Upon receipt, a PTC MKS Toolkit Sales representative will contact you, usually within one business day for requests within the US and Canada, and two business days from elsewhere. The evaluation time period for PTC X/Server is 21 days.

Please note: Evaluation products may only be used for evaluation purposes. After the evaluation period, if you elect to purchase, you will need to uninstall the evaluation copy and reinstall the live version of the software.

All information provided will be kept confidential (see our privacy statement for details).

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To help us better support your evaluation, would you give us a little background in the comments section about how you’re using the X Server? Are you using OpenGL? Do you have requirements for Secure Shell?