PTC MKS Toolkit for Enterprise Developers 64-bit Edition:

Making it Even Easier to Port UNIX to Windows

PTC MKS Toolkit 10.2

PTC MKS Toolkit for Enterprise Developers 64-bit Edition simplifies the migration 64-bit UNIX applications to 64-bit Windows enabling customers to deploy their UNIX/Linux applications on both Extended Architecture (i.e. AMD64 and EM64T) and Itanium-based platforms.

64-bit Windows operating systems are ideal for applications that require large amounts of memory and high-performance mathematical computation, such as Web caching, data warehousing, complex mechanical design and analysis, scientific applications and research.

With over 2700 UNIX APIs and a full command-line development environment, PTC MKS Toolkit for Enterprise Developers is the ultimate in UNIX to Windows migration. No other product can match our full support for C, C++, and Fortran; for UNIX process management including fork(), signals, alarms, and threads; for file system and security management; and for curses, X, Motif, and OpenGL. And no other product matches PTC MKS Toolkit's access to Windows APIs for Windows integration and interoperability.

PTC MKS Toolkit for Enterprise Developers 64-bit edition will run on either 32-bit or 64-bit Windows systems. However the ported application will only run on 64-bit Windows. If you wish to supply a deliverable that will also run on 32-bit Windows systems, you will need to purchase the 32-bit SDK add-on.

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We would never have even attempted this project without PTC. It would have cost too much and might have taken years. With PTC MKS Toolkit for Enterprise Developers we just ported it over to Windows, got it to compile, and brought up Windows. It was very simple-and very fast.

Rob Pynaker,