Known Installation Issues

This page lists issues that you may encounter before, during, or just after installing MKS Toolkit or MKS AlertCentre.

Issues Before Installation
Issue: You need a serial number but don't have one.
Workaround: We e-mail serial numbers to you. It is possible that the e-mail went astray or that you typed your address incorrectly. The easiest thing to do is to request a new evaluation copy at This will cause a new e-mail to be sent to you. There is no need to download a new package. Alternatively, contact us for a new serial number.

Popups, Errors, and Other Issues During Installation
Issue: The installer requires administrator privileges to run. If you don't have such privileges, you see a dialog similar to this one.

Workaround: For all products, you must install from an account with local or domain administrator privileges. You do not need to be an Administrator, but your login ID must be a member of the local or domain Windows Administrators group before you can install.

Issue: The installation fails with a "license has expired" message.
Workaround: This is caused typically because you installed a previous evaluation copy on this machine. You will need to contact us for a tool to clear this condition.

Issue: During installation, you see a progress meter or a dialog from Windows Installer.

Explanation: MKS Toolkit requires Windows Installer version 2 because of bugs in version 1.x. If you do not have Windows Installer on your machine, or you have version 1.x, Windows Installer will be installed or upgraded to version 2. This is normal.

Issue: The installation will not proceed on Windows NT unless service pack 6 is installed.
Workaround: Unfortunately, Windows Installer itself requires SP6, so you have no choice but to install it. You can get it from Microsoft at

Note: Because of US Government regulations, Windows NT is available with standard (40-bit) encryption and the restricted high (128-bit) encryption. SP6 is available in both versions; however, you may only download the US English and French Canadian versions of the high encryption version of SP6. If you need other language support and you are running the high encryption version of NT, you must get SP6 from a Microsoft CD; you cannot download it.

Issue: On NT 4, the installation (MKS AlertCentre only) halts with a message about missing or out of date MDAC or MMC components.
Workaround: Do the following:
  1. Install the latest MDAC and MMC components. Wait until after you install all these components to reboot. If you have an MKS Toolkit or MKS AlertCentre CD, these components are in the /redist directory on the CD. If you do not, you can get them from Microsoft at:
  2. Reboot.
  3. Reinstall MKS AlertCentre or MKS Toolkit.
Note: if you fail to reboot per the instructions above you will get a message towards the end of the MKS installation that talks about the missing entry point __lc_colate_cp in MSVCRT.dll. Dismiss the dialog and after the installer completes, reboot to cure this problem.

Issue: During installation, you see the message "Lanman Service is not running or absent."
Workaround: The MKS Toolkit requires that the Lanman workstation and server services be running prior to installation. To start them:
  1. Select the Services application
    • On Windows NT, select Control Panel->Services
    • On Windows 2000, select Control Panel->Administrative Tools->Services
    • On Windows XP, select Control Panel->Performance and Maintenance->Administrative Tools->Services
  2. From the list of services, double click the service named Server, verify that Startup Type is set to Automatic, and then click the Start button.
  3. Repeat this for the Workstation service.