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Why do I get an error from su saying a privilege is missing?

Why do I get the following error when trying to use su?

su: A required privilege SeTcbPrivilege (Act as part of the operating system) is missing.

From the MKS Toolkit Reference for su(1):

    NT security does not permit the changing of a user lightly! Three different privileges are required to run this command:

    • Increase Quotas
    • Replace a process level token
    • Act as part of the operating system

    These permissions are required in addition to the defaults for the administrator group. To add these privileges, run the NT utility musrmgr. Under the Policies menu select User Rights. The User Rights Policy dialog box will appear. At the bottom left check Show Advanced User Rights. From the Right drop down list select the three rights listed above and add the administrator group, or a specific user, to the Grant to list for each right.