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Product:MKS AlertCentre (None)
Category:Installation/Knowledge Base

On Windows NT 4, the installation halts with a message about missing or out of date MDAC or MMC components.

These components are required for MKS AlertCentre to install. You will need to perform the following steps:

  1. Install the latest MDAC and MMC components. Wait until after you install all these components to reboot. If you have an MKS Toolkit or MKS AlertCentre CD, these components are in the /redist directory on the CD. If you do not, you can get them from Microsoft at:

  2. Reboot.

  3. Reinstall MKS AlertCentre or MKS Toolkit.

if you fail to reboot per the instructions above you will get a message towards the end of the MKS installation that talks about the missing entry point __lc_colate_cp in MSVCRT.dll. Dismiss the dialog and after the installer completes, reboot to cure this problem.