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Product:MKS AlertCentre (None)
Keywords:SNMP temperature UPS

MKS AlertCentre has an SNMP monitor type. What can you do with that?

MKS AlertCentre SNMP monitors can perform simple yet powerful tasks like monitoring the temperature in your server room to insure that your business critical machines don't overheat.

For example, the internal installation of MKS AlertCentre looks at the

counter of our SH2 environmental sensor from Uptime Devices, to insure that server room temperature is between 60° and 75° ferenheight.

In fact, the SNMP monitors, given the vendor MIB file and list of counters, can monitor just about any facet of any network aware device. The APC UPS Wizard, Printer monitors, CPU and Memory monitors among others make use of SNMP to provide complete monitoring coverage.

The SNMP table viewer in the AlertCentre Resource Kit can help when looking for the appropriate counters in the vendor supplied files.