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I am trying to install an MKS Toolkit patch on 64-bit Windows and am getting a 2324 error code. How can I install a patch on this system?

Select the "Unpack only" option near the start of the patch install. Also make note of the location that the distribution will be unpacked to. The "Unpack only" option will extract the following packages to the location specified.

  • tk.msp - used when installing the patch on x86 machines
  • tk64i.msp - used when installing the patch on Itanium machines
  • tk64x.msp - used when installing the patch on Extended Architecture machines

After unpacking the distribution, the MKS Toolkit Update Wizard will exit without actually patching MKS Toolkit. To patch MKS Toolkit, in an Explorer window, open the folder that the distribution was extracted to and double-click on the correct package for your platform.

MKS Toolkit can also be patched from a Command Prompt. After unpacking the distribution, open a Command Prompt and cd to the directory that the distribution was extracted to. Then run the command msiexec /p package.msp. Replace package.msp with the name of the proper package for your platform.

When installing patches from a Command Prompt, the 64-bit versions of cmd.exe and msiexec.exe must be used. These executables are typically found in $WINDIR/system32. The executables found in $WINDIR/syswow64 are typically the 32-bit versions.