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Do MKS Toolkit products contain any third party source code?

At MKS, we understand how important it is to protect intellectual property. MKS Toolkit source and binary code consists primarily of MKS-proprietary code but also contains a small amount of code licensed from other sources (i.e., third party software). All embedded third party software is appropriately licensed by MKS in a manner which allows that code to be used in accordance with the standard MKS License Agreement.

However, it is important to note that some public domain source and binary code (sometimes referred to as "Open Source") which has license terms that differ from the MKS License Agreement can be found in the optionally installed resource kit or copied from samples provided on the MKS Toolkit product CD. This code is freely available on the Internet and is provided on our distribution media for convenience (again, it is not installed as part of the standard MKS Toolkit installation process to prevent accidental use or distribution). Some Open Source License terms could jeopardize your intellectual property (for example all GPL and LGPL code). All such public domain code is appropriately labeled in both the resource kit and in the samples. It is the responsibility of the customer to read and adhere to the license terms of this code. The License terms for this code are always included in the source code files provided.