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Is MKS X/Server hard to install?

No, MKS X/Server provides an error-free installation! MKS X/Server uses Windows Installer technology to ensure secure, bulletproof, compliant installs that work every time. Windows Installer technology implies the ability to do silent, administrative, and customized installations on one or all machines on your network with familiar ease.

The installer will detect and allow you to configure the Windows firewall to allow incoming X11 connections. Minor updates and fixes are delivered in Windows Installer patch format and can be applied to admin images or delivered in an automated fashion.

The MKS X/Server installation files (and all delivered binaries) are digitally signed for your peace of mind. You always know that they came from MKS unmodified and are the genuine, virus-free packages.

MKS X/Server installation auto-senses if it is being installed on an x86 or Itanium machine (and hence installs the 32 bit X Server) or an x64 machine (and hence installs the native 64 bit X Server). No more hassles with multiple install media for different architectures. This all-in-one smart installer looks after delivering the correct binaries.

After installation, the users may choose to run the UNIX/Linux application wizard which will guide them through their first and subsequent connections to the UNIX/Linux servers. The wizard automatically detects and lists available hosts on the network and prompts the user to select one. The user then either enters the application they wish to start or browses the UNIX/Linux file system to find it. The application is then stored as a UNIX/Linux program on the Windows Start menu.