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Is MKS X/Server compliant with The Open Group’s X Windows System?

Yes, MKS X/Server supports Broadway, The Open Group's X Window System X11R6.3. Users can launch and display X clients from a web browser across the intranet and the Internet. MKS X/Server supports the following Broadway extensions:

  • RX – This allows applications to be remotely invoked and run outside of the web browser.
  • Security extension - This separates trusted applications located inside the firewall from untrusted X clients located outside the firewall. X server resources are protected because X11R6.3 security prevents untrusted applications from stealing, destroying or modifying any trusted application's data.
  • LBX - Low Bandwidth eXtension. The X protocol was originally designed for a high-bandwidth connection such as a local area network environment running Ethernet at 10Mb/sec. The Internet, however, is bandwidth hungry so the LBX extension was designed for accessing X applications over a WAN or serial line including direct dial up from home to office and through an Internet server provider (ISP).
  • IPV6 – This is fully implemented to ensure that you are ready for the future.