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Product:MKS Toolkit (TKPDev/TKEDev)
Keywords:porting, migration

What types of UNIX programs are most suitable for porting with PTC MKS Toolkit?

PTC MKS Toolkit porting products have been used successfully to port an extremely wide range of business, government and scientific applications, including large, mission critical, database, process control, military command and control, financial, CAD/CAM, telecommunications, network management, and systems management applications, as well as small utilities.

While PTC MKS Toolkit porting products are extremely good at porting most application-level code, you would not use it to port inherently non-portable code, such as device drivers. Still, in many cases, the non-portable parts of your application are small and well isolated and you can use MKS Toolkit to port the remainder of the application, while you concentrate your engineering resources on porting the non-portable pieces, minimizing both the time to port and the amount of new code to QA.

And, for very small programs (less than ten thousand lines of code), and programs that make very little use of UNIX APIs and architecture, it is probably more cost effective to either port without a tool such as PTC MKS Toolkit or to rewrite the code from scratch.