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Product:MKS Toolkit (TKPDev/TKEDev)
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What are the arguments to nutinsInstallOe()?

See the header files for the most current interface. If you are writing an installer using InstallShield, please use <nutinsis.h>. Otherwise your code should include <nutins.h>.

The first two arguments to nutinsInstallOe() are both paths to directories. To understand the use of these arguments, you must remember that nutinsInstallOe() is called by your product's installer running on one of your end user's machines.

The first directory names the location of the MKS Toolkit runtime components in your distribution. For example, assume that your product is being installed from a CD, mounted in drive D: on the end user machine. Further assume that in building your CD, you placed the runtime components in a subdirectory named nutc in the root directory of your CD. The path that you would pass to nutinsInstallOe() would be D:\nutc. You must compose this path at installation time. When you wrote the installer, you knew the location of the runtime components, but you couldn't possibly have known which drive the customer would use.

The second directory names the location on the end user's machine where you want to install the runtime components. If there is already a MKS Toolkit ported application or MKS Toolkit product on this machine, nutinsInstallOe() will ignore the parameter and update the existing NuTCRACKER Workstation, if necessary.

We recommend installing in a directory on the system drive. You may want to offer your customer a default location and offer the chance to change the location, or you may want to totally hide the fact that the NuTCRACKER Workstation is being installed.